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Lancaster PL Club Members DLing

I only recently posted this at Youtube.

I’ll be putting our 2006 championships up soon.
BTW: Three of our members did well (!) at the recent British Dfrug Free Championships.
Congrats to:
Helen Isaac, raw, 67.5kg BP @ 56.5kg
Fred Greenall, raw, 140kg BP @ 99.5kg British junior record
Russ Birket junior(I think), raw, 225kg SQ @ 110kg(?)World Record,117.5kg BP and 220kg DL British record.

The Club is undergoing a renaissance at the moment with more members than for the past 15 years. Also more of the students training in the gym (Lancaster Univ.) are getting interested and asking Qs. Some are even SQing and (gasp) DLing.

Cool lifts!
Don’t they squat or bench?

I just had video of the DL