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Lamictal and TRT Concerns

I’ve been on testosterone cypionate now for about two months. Felt pretty good the first week, but since then, it’s bee up and down. Last couple of days I’ve felt rather bizarre, irritable and depressed.

So I did some reading on the potential interactions with TRT and my other meds. There appears to be a potential negative interaction between TRT and lamotrigene, aka Lamictal.

Has anyone else taken lamictal and TRT at the same time? what was your experience?

Here is a link to the webmd page i was reading:


Don’t quite understand it, but hoping one of you guys could shed some light.

That’s an extremely interesting article. I have been on 300mg of Lamotrigene for years now (epilepsy diagnosed due to alcohol consumption and sleep deprivation) and was unaware that it has the potential to interfere with testosterone. I don’t drink anymore and always ensure I get enough sleep, but have never had problems with cycles and my medication interfering.

that is interesting. glad you haven’t noticed any adverse side effects.
i was a little confused about the article because it mentioned estrogen replacement therapy and not TRT specifically
they aren’t considered the same medically are they?

No, they’re definitely unrelated I believe. Estrogen replacement would be for a woman, whereas testosterone replacement would be for a man. The only circumstance I could see otherwise would be if an individual was attempting to transition.

Exogenous testosterone administration will convert, to some degree, into estrogen through aromatization. However, this can be controlled through AI use (I’m sure you’re already aware of this, but just figured I’d toss it in).

interesting, it seems lamotrigene can n expedite the removal of estrogen. that could be a good thing i think, but not if it takes estrogen too low.

either way, i’ll try and get labs done next week to see