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Lame things excite me

Last night, two very cool things happened. Well, at least in my mind, they are cool. Other people may think they’re lame, which would in turn, make me a big lame. But I’ve been called worse before and I’ll probably be called worse again.

  1. The Timberwolves continued their magic with a thrashing of the Lakers. Well, not exactly a thrashing, but the refs were in the Lakers pockets (what kind of foul call were those on KG and the “phantom” calls on Wally?) so I consider it a thrashing in that respect. Go Wolves.

  2. I watched the end of regulation with one of my favorite performers of all time, Mr. David Spade. Of all the celebrities I’ve met, he was by far the coolest and down to earth. Very cool guy. Good times, good times.

Brent, I feel your pain on those Laker fouls towards the end. The one on Wally was an excellent play by Kobe, first to jump into him to get the phantom foul, and then to actually make the shot. I think he’s an arrogant prick, but the boy can play. I am afraid his legacy will always have that little asterick - *played with Shaq. Also, another one, **coached by P. Jackson.

It’s funny, but I ended up turning the game off right after Garnett got ejected. I figured the refs would take care of the rest of the game, and I had to be up in 5 hours. Too bad I missed out on the ending.

Oh, and where were you to be watching the game with David Spade?

Those refs were horrible!! Has the NBA done anything to address this problem that seems to keep popping up? I mean its like David Stern must have gone to them and said “Do whatever you can to ensure a good game, but make sure we can have the Lakers in the finals. I mean, clearly LA is a much bigger market than the Twin Cities.” If the T-wolves can fight through that and still win they deserve the series right now.

Damn, I thought this post was going to be a confession of your handicap-porn fetish.

I was watching PTI yesterday and Wilbon was jobbing on the refs, talking about a fix. Good stuff. I really don’t know what the deal was but that foul on Wally in overtime was horrible. Horrible.

Anyway, Spade came into work (I’m a waiter right now) right as we were closing. After he was done, he came into the bar and we were just hanging out watching the game. He was going for the Wolves too, so it made for a good rooting scene.

And Zev, everyone knows that lame people excite me, but I don’t think I’m supposed to post those kinds of pictures here. But I got this one of the girl, on baby! And the chrome baby, the chrome!

Brent, you traitor. How can you live in southern california and be rooting for the damn t-wolves? And secondly, I believe KG fouled out rather than being ejected. Clearly, the one call on Wally was pure crap, but the fact that every other elbow, pushoff, shove and otherwise beatdown of shaq goes uncalled more than makes up for it in my opinion. And thrashing? Don’t kid yourself, the thrashing is yet to come and it will be delivered by the Lakers. And despite the fact that I am really white, this message is coming straight out of southcentral LA within sight distance of Staples.

smearig - I believe Shaq gives just as much as he takes.