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Lamborghini Murciélago SuperVeloce


I think this car is amazing. The rear looks like Megatron. And I think it was a great idea to keep the AWD. Even though it's heavier than it would've been if it was RWD, it could get more of its power down. It seems that Lamborghini is technologically growing faster than all other carmakers. I mean 30 extra HP simply by improving valve timing? I'm pretty excited with their next supercar.


That thing looks fucking retarded, and in a very good way.


I just hate how heavy Lambos are compared to Ferraris.

But, that car is badass, and Lamborghini really is gaining a lot of ground fast.


looks like a megatron indeed


I just came.

maybe minus the wing, but it's not bad


I still dig Astons and Maseratis over anything else.

Nice car.


It's sexual and violent.


Someone's been playing tummysticks


I like the back end. On a side note, has anyone actually had the chance to drive a car like this? If so, did it meet your expectations?


Im a BMW fanboy so here you go


I think they canceled production on this.


Yip, VW/Audi group really re-invented Ferruccio's dream. My current favorite is the Reventon. I like the lines. My all time favorite an instant boner giving Lambo of all time is still the Diablo. Even the bulls that the cars were named after were more badazz/hardcorez than the Murcielago. I mean a fighting bull that fancies himself a rodeo bull? Come on! Diablo and Reventon, those two motherfuckers you didn't want to fuck with.


Oh, too bad. I also like the original M1. I'm also a huge M3 fan.


Yeah, I can't believe how fast they're progressing using simple yet effective solutions.


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Damn. Hot cars. The BMW speaks to me. Is there any doubt the Europeans are the master race?


Yeah, Lambo owes a lot of its engineering achievements to Audi.


Awesome car... I like the rear-end design as well.

Thank God Lambos are making up some ground on Ferrari.


It's interesting, if true, that that wing costs only 3 mph in top speed compared to the "standard small spoiler."

It does appear to be a lower-drag design than most wings, so I don't rule it out. But if accurate that is exceptional.


"European" is not a race.