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Lambert's Training Log

I am starting at 145 pounds.
3 month on Testosterone Cypionate (TRT Legally acquired for failed pituitary)
Diet is mainly a loose rule of meat, veggies, and fruit. Main foods seem to be chicken breast, mixed veggies, apples, peanut butter, and water.
I am currently getting Monster zeros and a soda every now and then but I mostly drink water.
I have a poor workout schedule and generally feel very tired because my TRT hasn’t been dialed in yet.

2 miles ran @ 5mph average. Location:gym.
Date 6-9/19

Ran 2 miles around paint booth at work.

Ran 1 mile at track.

Ran 1.12 miles at track.

6/19/19 ran 1 mile.

Ran 1 mile.

Ran 1 mile.

NOTE I’ve now noticed that my muscles in my thigh are really showing through. I’ve never seen this much definition in my thighs before.

Ran 1 mile.

My legs became really sore the moment I started running. I must have overworked them yesterday. Tomorrow I will take the day off, replacing with upperbody weightlifting.