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Lamb of God Concert

Saw them tonight here in Sydney. Fucken brilliant!!! Surely some of you boys and girls are fans?

my gf tried to get me tickets for a show in january, but they were sold out before she could:( I’d LOVE to see them

I saw them in Denver, and it was a sick show. Still, they are nowhere near the musicians that Opeth are. Lamb of God is intense though.

Saw them in London, Unholy Alliance 2 with a couple of others. Didn’t leave the mosh for four hours. I could taste blood in my mouth the next day and it twinged to breathe in deelply for a week. Yes I’m an idiot.

Does anybody know when they are coming to the UK?

I saw them with Slipknot and they stole the show.

“11th Hour” was awesome live. :slight_smile:

I saw them with Slipknot as well in New Jersey, they were fuckin ggreat!!! Vigil was amazing, probably my favorite live song by them that night! and Laid To Rest was pretty sick as well! Anyone know when they are touring again around the Northeast??

I’m in perth and missed out on tickets :(. Would have loved to see them with sydonia.

I saw Opeth last year here in Sydney as well. Both gigs (Lamb of God and Opeth) are the best I’ve seen. Favorite songs from the other night are, 11th hour, Vigil and Walk with me in hell.

You are so lucky.

LOG are awesome, saw them on the gigantour. Crazy pit!