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Lamb Gains


I grew up in a Hindu family, and for this reason I do not eat beef... From what I've read on this site, people have experienced their best gains from beef.

For this reason i've recently made a concerted effort to incorporate more red meat via lamb into my diet.

Anyone seen substantial gains from putting away lots of red meat from sources other than cow?


Lamb is gross.

Your avatar is win.


lamb is fine.


Lamb is good. I eat it regularly.

Youre avatar is pathetic btw. You'd never see a (real) yankee fan burning the logo of another team. Worry about your own shitty team instead of showing your jealousy.


As a Greek, I approve of this strategy. Yum!


lamb is generally grass fed. should be better than corn fed beef. And i had read that lamb farners dont use as much, if any, antibiotics or steroids.

and its very delicious.



Lamb is delicious


lamb is great

and plenty of yankess fans have done worse things to a Red Sox logo than burn it...(and vice versa I'm sure)


Cute and delicious




x2 on both.


This took all of a 5 second google search to find.


Bauer97 was plenty big, and he subsisted on chicken and cheese as I recall.


Lamb is so delicious! Have at it!

Can you eat Buffalo? This is the meat of the god's in my opinion, I love it.


I can eat anything except Beef, but haven't seen Buffalo very often in these parts.


This is one funny forum. My last avatar was of an obese couple eating cake at their wedding which I grabbed off a site that hosts humorous pictures. In a different thread a guy claimed he knew the couple in my avatar and said it was sad that they were the butt of my joke.

Now my current avatar is causing a stir... funny part is I am not a Red Sox fan but people are assuming I am.

Apparently Yankee fans are sensitive about this sort of stuff. A couple years back the Jays advertised ticket sales for an upcoming series between the Jays and the Yankees with a picture of bird poop on a Yankees cap. This ad caused an uproar with the Yankee Organization.


Video fail. No proof that was done by a Yankee fan. And I never said the OP was a red sox fan. GOOD DAY SIR


Indeed. There is simply no evidence that the individual who posted the video, newyoik2, the man who not only takes credit for setting the hat on fire but who also has the attached logo in his youtube profile, is a fan of the NY Yankees.

Carry on.


Any quick recipes you guys like?

So far I've just been doing the following over and over:



Theres no doubt you left yourself a few "outs" while still getting to slam the OP. However if a FIVE SECOND google search unearthed that video I'm sure I could find something more incriminating if I took the time.

No need to hate. Your team won the World Series last year and has a good chance again this year. Just sit back and enjoy the lulz you should get from watching Yankee haters and their jealousy.

Now give the man some good Lamb advice dammit!