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Lake George, NY

I’m going soon with some buddies and we’ve got a house for 3 days and 2 nights. Anyone ever been there and have any suggestions? I’d like to meet some hotties as well; any social gatherings or activities go on there? For some reason I feel it’s just going to be my boys and I sticking together. What do I know? I’ve never been there before…

It’s a great time. It’s been 9 years since I went there, but we stayed on a small island. Obviously, only way to get there was by boat and docking on some rickety half-ass dock. Good ol’ fashion roughing it. We found a cliff with spray paint on the side indicating the elevation from the water (20 feet, 30 feet, etc) up to 80 feet. We stopped at 45 feet. Hell of a fun jump though. Just enjoy the outdoors and the water skiing and shit. Don’t get to wrapped around a love story because you will be gross and un-showered for awhile … and so will she.

I used to go over every summer as a kid up until I was 13, I remember really liking it, but thats because they had an awesome arcade, I dont think thats what you were getting at…lol.

There’s a decent gym on Route 9 just north of Aviation Mall.

If you go camping on the islands you will have to book. In early June it may still be easy. Water is a bit cold.

Can’t help with the girls. I go there with my family;-)

DJ’s and Duffy’s are the only place up there you’re likely to pull tail.

Make sure you don’t go during Americade unless you feel like getting stabbed by biker gangs.

Try to have a meal at the Sagamore, ballin resort. My family goes there every summer, so my experience of lake george is limited to the Sagamore but it is fuckin awesome. Water is a bit rough and cold but it makes you focus. Some great cliffs to jump from with deep water below.