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Laird Hamilton is God


This is a thread devoted to the cult of Laird Hamilton.

Post if you accept the truth that Laird Hamilton is a demigod athlete.


Scary first post, but yes he is very impressive.


Josh Hamilton knows how to swing a stick.


I watched a documentery on him a while back. The guys a beast that's for sure.Great person as well.


Guys like Laird Hamilton and Garrett McNamara have my respect above most other athletes.

What they do literally has zero room for error. Some of those waves they ride could easily kill you if you wiped out. The confidence they have in their abilities in unbelievable.


Laird's the man. Watch "Riding Giants". Effin' awesome.

Not to be missed is Jeff Clark. Jeff was the first to ride the cold black hateful breaks of Mavericks... at the age of 15, ALONE for over a decade before the rest of the surfing world caught on.


I remember when i was a grommie seeing a photo of Laird in a mag cranking a huge bottom turn on a big wave in hawaii, all muscles and sinew popping out everywhere, and the caption read:

"do not show this picture to your girlfriend"


I'm pretty sure he was the inspiration for the cartoon Gonad Man in Waves mag too from 93 - 99.

Check the trailing hand drag on THAT wave. Who has the thought process to do that??

Biggest fucking balls on the planet!!!


I need to remind myself of guys like Jeff and Laird when the weight of the pussified mainstream gets me down.


Hamilton and Gabby Reese are gonna spawn the next generation of gods and goddesses ... those children are going to be genetic freaks of nature and might usher in the next era of evolution


Richard Hamilton knows how to shoot the rock.

George Hamilton knows how to tan.

Linda Hamilton knows how to fight robots.

Hamilton Hamilton knew how to paint.

Alexander Hamilton knew how to be a Founding Father.


Jesus, some of those waves would make me piss myself watching from the beach.


Just read in wiki that he mails his pubic hair to people. What's all that about?


Um, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say somebody trolled his wiki page, that site is very easy to get false info on ya know.

At least I hope thats fake.


That's what I was thinking. Or he's distributing his DNA so it will be easy to clone him when he dies.


Or maybe his pubic hair is made of anthrax.


If people were WILLING to buy my pubic hair, I would totally sell it.


Awesome clip from the film "Riding Giants":


Huge fan of the man. I got to talk to him once at the Gold's Gym in Venice. He trained there in his off season when his wife was playing volleyball.

That day he was all about the circuit training. He did this brutal non-stop circuit that must have taken an hour and a half. Then he went for a two hour paddle.


This is my favorite scene from "Riding Giants". Thanks for posting. Gives me chills every time.


he's amazing. i loved when gabby reese interviewed him on her show.