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Lair of the Ice Dog

Hey, folks: the rough for the proposed Ice Dog t-shirt.
Note: Rather than a husky, I used a wolf dog hybrid. They’re more physically impressive, IMO. Also, I over-emphasized the size of the dog. Notice also the dumbbells and weight plates strewn about in the background. As well as the half-oval border and the “Lair of the Ice Dog” roughly added at the bottom (there’ll be icicles dangling as well).
First draft rough. Critiques, discussion - all welcomed.
(P.S.: I am currently working on another rough. I’ve had sometime to look at this since Sunday - there are some changes I would like to make myself. I’ll post the updated rough here later this week)

Fucking awesome patricia…really amazing.


Pretty friggin cool there Patricia!

I like the plates in the background.

Has it been determined as to what time of day will be depicted? Moon maybe?

Lair of the ice dog T-Shirt ? Didn’t know that. Is this some kind of contest ?

BTW - Great job Patricia!

Pretty good!-I would think it would better represent Christian if there were some reference to his cultural background,ie; French Canadian from Quebec. I think this adds to his appeal. The symbol for Quebec is a Fleur-de-Lis.(spelling?) I think this would be a cool addition that Christian would appreciate. If you do a google search, I’m sure you can find an image of it, if you don’t know what it looks like. Can’t wait to see the final version.

Here is an image of the Quebec flag with the fleur-de-lis.

Amazing job Pat! When you have a finished product email me, I think it would be a great cover for my book.


A wolf-malamute cross is even better. Some time ago a Canadian newspaper editor wrote a book called “The North Runner” about such a dog–his own. Your drawing reminded me about that canine’s best features. No one ever messed with his master’s barbell!!

looks awesome! I hate to be the only one to make a request, but the cave entrance looks a bit like a big mouth at first glance. Love the wolf hybrid idea and I definitely think the plates laying around are a nice touch. Great job and thanks for the time you put into this. Can’t wait too see it in color! Now, anyone going to be the leader and get this t-shirt thing organized at t-mag? How long will something like this take, I wonder. Christian, I know you’re busy with the book and all, but maybe someone else at the t-mag staff would act faster if you put in the idea personally. Yeah, I know. I’m impatient.

Good suggestions! Thanks, for the flag, too!
I’ll be kickin’ around with a couple of other sketches - and as I said before, I’ll post 'em here!
Christian: I will email you with the final version!

(the pic is to show you guys that animated gifs can be used here, now)


I emailed TC awhile ago and he said that they are too busy for Lair shirts right now, but maybe in the future

Great start! We had a white malmute growing up in Snoqualmie. He had a wicked grin and a great attitude.

Would it be possible to get the permission to make the T’s on our own or does it have to be through T-Mag. Have you any say in this Christian?-The reason I ask is if the
t-Mag people don’t have time at the moment, I know a local supplier who made shirts for a relative’s business at a reasonable price. We would just have to send them an image and they can print it on anything. There is a minimum order but I think we wouldn’t have a problem filling that quota. Let me know if we can go this route, I would love to walk into my gym wearing one of those T’s.

Sweet, I think ice dog posters should get free shirts lol

The only thing I would comment on is to make the dog “beefy”.

And he’s using an unbalanced load! Verrrry clever!!

Yeah, maybe more “beefy” but muscles don’t really show up so visibly on those long haired dogs, so it may not look so great that way… ya never know.

Well, I’m drawing the dog so that it’s fur is definitely thicker…

Any new versions? Looking forward to it and thanks for putting in the time.