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Lair of the Ice Dog Design

It’s coming along folks. It’ll be completed tonight (Tuesday): “Lair of the Ice Dog” added at bottom, some general cleaning up (not much)…

That is magnificent. I’ll take one of the pups.

very nice patricia! where’d you go to art school, girl? :wink: i like your style…very groovy indeed. --KC

Yeah Baby!
Patricia that is excellent, you done did good girl.

Very, very nice. Best one yet by far. Thanks for the time put in.

Now, this rocks!!! Magnificent!

Looks awesome, Pat! :slight_smile:

KCinNYC: I’ve only attended art school for one semester. Back in '89. After that, it’s been a few “extended courses” so that I could just draw. I am what you call a “self-taught” artist. Thank you for asking.
Everyone else: thank you. After looking over this latest, there is one more thing I’m going to “tweak” with it besides adding the letttering. THEN, I’ll repost later tonight.


That dog’s got a great grin.

Patricia: That is a bad ass design. Brent Likey. Brent wants to visit the lair!

Trish: You know what your buddy Timbo has to say about awesome things like this…This is Quality!

Great work, Trish. How 'bout some T-shirts? Seriously.

Very talented drawing, you are certainly talented, but don’t you think the Ice Dod should have a really large pennis?

very very cool

Awesome work yet once again, just wondering what kind of color scheme your thinking of if the T-shirt is Black? Just white on black or adding some Color?

Here it is. Have at it. Give it to me. Let me know what y’all think.
As for color? Well it can be done. And I think I’ll see what color combos would work. I’m thinking blue tones. You know, since it’s suppose to be cold. But we’ll see…


WOW! Nice job Patricia!


I think it should be left in Black and White. I love it!

Blue tones are OK. But, black or grey for the Ice Dog’s mask, and yellow eyes for the wolfen heritage.