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Lagging Upper Pecs and Imbalance


Hi all,

i have inbalance in my pecs, is there any possible way to go about shaping both or i just have to live with it cause its my genes?

I been trying to put on some mass on my upper pecs for the longest time, done stuff like:

1) pre fatigue before presses
2) post fatigue after presses
3) Heavy presses low reps
4) high reps etc
5) supersets etc. but just no luck to get it up
6) wide grip, moderate grip

all the different incline/flat/decline variations untill recently i kinda fuck my left elbow up, i need some help here ever since then, Smith machine presses are the only presses exercises that doesnt hurt, i need some help here, any for of criticism etc is welcome, i just wanna hear what u guys have to say!

thanks so much!




I wouldn't say they're lagging. Your legs are lagging.


Try the Hammer Strength machine incline.

I swear most of the reason my upper chest looks the way it does is because of that and smith machine presses.

I used dumbbells for much of that initial size on my lower chest.


Try incline db at various inclines,from slight to higher.
Try floor presses and reverse grip bench press


He has an injury.

That is why he wrote he can only do the smith machine.


As far as the OP's progress...which I assume is why he posted a calendar pic of himself....keep it up. You are in better shape than most of the people here but you could use a lot more size if you have any goals set in bodybuilding.

I would work on quads as much as I worked on my upper chest.


sorry i read it fast. But usually db floor presses and db presses in general is easier on the joints then smith machine.He can do the reverse grip press on the smith though. But if OP can't do it,he can do smith floor presses,reverse grip smith press and various incline presses.


Reverse grip smith work for upper chest? Never heard of that before

I use reverse grip stuff sometimes for extra tricep work.


nice tattoo, from your avatar it seemed a lot simpler.


Yes, i am guilty of i am lazy to train my legs (since i started training), i started squatting a month ago, and i love it, am doing legs twice a week since last month, a lot to catch up man.

And due ot my elbow inj, i also try to change my grip from thumbless to full thumb grip to negate tricep usage, and adopting wide grip lowering it to neck (gironda press style) for my chest. I cant believe it, but DB hurts the most, its crazy, i thought BPs are the suppose culprit, but when i tried 65lbs db press for warm up, i felt the funny pain in my left elbow i stopped immediately, prior to that i did a load of db presses going up to about 100lbs for 6-8 reps.

the gym i train at has got no Incline Hammer Strength, any other good variations? Smith is good, i can really feel the fibers move but the min i go up to above 2 45lbs aside, i feel my left elbow again hence i have to stay at about max 35lbs aside.


yea thanks, extended it early march this year, polynesian on my left arm, mauri on my right.


from the pic you posted it seems that you have a slight lateral curvature on the spine to the right side, that can be from that model stance you use(keeping weight on one hip and slanting the shoulders). how do I know? I used to do the same as I wasn't very wide in my shoulders and had to modify my posing to create more V-taper. that elbow problem may be stemming from the shoulder injury you had on the same side and you've been compensating for the pain, thus creating an uneven pec development and elbow taking the pressure. I would do a lot of hamstring curls and stiff legged deadlifts and make it damn sure that my hammies are even in length. shorter hamstring in one side(the side you usually put your weight on) will cause one leg to be shorter and cause slope in your pelvis and it will cause curvature in the spine. imagine your spine is crooked when standing but your shoulders are even in height... that will cause your shoulder to slope when spine is straight as in chest movements. since you can't view your form on most free weight exercises that makes the matters worse, unless you're very in tune with your body. consider chiropractic adjustments and use more uni-lateral movements to stimulate balance and as for upper pec, try putting a 25lb plate under the incline bench(making 20-25 degrees, not the usual 30 degrees) and stop the bar about 2 inches off your upper pec before pushing back up. a pumping exercises like pushups with fee elevated and elbows flared out may work good as well.


same thing here, my right elbow is horrible. Pretty impossible doing certain press exercises and triceps.

the only thing that doesn't seem to aggravate them are cable extensions for triceps and military press. DB press is asking for them screaming: MURDERER!