Lagging Upper Chest

Exercises I like to use:

  • Dumbbell incline press
  • Barbell incline press
  • Hammer strength machine press
  • Smith machine incline press
  • Low to high crossovers
  • Incline cable flys

Tomorrow Ill get my new camera, so ill post pics so you can see my upper chest in comparisson to the middle/lower portions.

My lower/middle chest is better (not big) seen side by side with my flat upper chest.

I created this tread so I can recieve some advice in specific techniques for the upper chest done with success by yourself.

I read about and tried myself using a slightly narrower grip, effective? I guess…

Also I tend fatigue my front delts first than my chest.

I only been doing this kind of specialization chest workouts for only two week.

Weights used for those who ask for stats:

32 kg dbells for the db incline.
60 kg bbell used for the bb incline.

Been lifting for like 10 months aprox.

get your incline bench a lot stronger, try this

Two nontraditional upper-pec (clavicular head, for you sticklers) exercises that I have found to be very effective:

  1. Decline guillotines. I know, totally counterintuitive as an upper-chest exercise. Give it a try.
  2. Reverse-grip Smith inclines. Set the incline bench at a fairly steep angle–50 to 60 degrees or so. Set the stops so the bar bottoms out at roughly the superior border of the sternum–nothing to be gained by going much deeper. Play around with the distance between the bar and the bench until it ‘feels right;’ for me, the bar is a good 8 inches or so from my chest at the stops.

Grip the bar with a shoulder-width reverse grip. Don’t lock out at the top. Doesn’t take a lot of weight. I like to perform this exercise in a controlled, TUT fashion.

Hope these work as well for you as they have for me. Best of luck.

I only do incline benching, works a treat.

dips, dip machine, DB floor press

[quote]Mr. Walkway wrote:
dips, dip machine, DB floor press[/quote]

Db floor presses are the tits. All I feel is pecs

A video so you can see how lame it is :(…

[quote]Matias A. wrote:
A video so you can see how lame it is :(…

hate to be so general about this, but looks like you need to add size everywhere. For chest just make sure you are really feeling the movments you choose for it! it will grow a long with everything else as long as you feeling it working! It took me a long time to get this and i am still working on it pretty hard!

Using a slight (as in one setting from flat) incline with the smith machine and starting with a hard 25 reps and ramping up to doing a hard 8 reps has worked a lot for me recently.

I do partials and slow eccentrics and drop sets on the last sets.

It’s from mountain dog so look that up if you haven’t.