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Lagging Triceps

Im gonna go back to WS4B now that I have done a bench specialization program. Ive come to the conclusion that my triceps are a lagging body part and I need to focus on them. I lift Mon,Tues,Thurs,and Fri would it be alright to do 2-3 sets of Triceps push downs and skull crushers each session?

That would be OK, but if you want strength I would reccomend close grip bench. Those are gonna really power up your triceps.

Alright thanks man appreciate it, this of course is gonna be followed by a great diet and dedication, there strong they just lag size that make my arms look “big” the rest of my body is fine and im lower body dominant, its just that for a 6’4 265 ponder I look like i have some small ass arms.

Close-grip abso*******lutely. A variation I like is reverse-band close-grips off a 3 or 4-board. Recommend you drop the skulls and pushdowns and stick with the heavy duty stuff. JM Presses are good to alternate with the close-grip bench. If these movements are new, check out www.elitefts.com for descriptions.

Reverse band close grips off a 3 or 4 board are great. you can move some serious weight on them.

My triceps are my weak point as well. I have brought them up recently using:

  • board presses (all grips)
  • reverse band presses (with and without boards)
  • CG Pin presses (various heights, and with and without bands)
  • Floor press (various grips)
  • CG Inclines/Declines

Pretty simple, pick 1 or 2 things and focus on improving them, when they stall after a few weeks, pick another 1 or 2 and keep going.