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Lagging Squats


Hi! Need some advice to increase squat power, cause they even weaker than my bench.
17yo, 1.70, 60kgs
DL - 130kg
Squat - 75kg
Bench - 75kg
Any ideas would be greatly appretiated.


What lifting program are you using?


Im not really following any program. I usually do the 3 lifts every other workout, but Im thinking of starting "5x5" on Monday.


Get on a program. Start eating. If you read the previous sentence and thought "Hey! I eat a ton" instead of "Hey! I eat x calories per day," then you're not eating enough.


Given your squat is equal with your bench, your either very weak in your legs, havn't done close to no squats in your life or you have a technique problem. Learn how to properly squat and im very very sure with good technique alone your squat will improve. If your stck perhaps post a video of your squat so we can help. THeres no point you starting a program like a 5x5, most of which have you squating 3 times a week if you don't even know how to squat.


Watch all the EliteFTS videos entitled "So You Think You Can Squat?" It's able to be found on google.


Gonna make a short clip on Sunday, and Im gonna post it in here.
@eatmore comment - Thats not the problem. Just gonna get the squat higher w/o puttin on any mass.


Are you saying you want to get your squat higher without putting on extra weight? If so, good luck with that endeavor.