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Lagging Middle Chest


I have a decent chest except the inside of my right pec. For some reason there is a small gap and it doesn't match the left side. Am hoping this is not just a genetic higher insertion point on my chest. I have tried a lot of flye movements from different angles to no avail. Thinking of making my grip a little bit narrower in hopes that that would help If anyone has any ideas on how one might be able to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated.


It's common to have slightly different insertion points side to side. My left's pec shape itself is slightly different than my right's. There's nothing you can do about it.

And there is no 'middle' chest. There is no way to bring out the 'middle' chest.

Changing your grip up or angle is not going to do anything to help, man.


I know there is no "middle" chest. Was using that term to describe where the area is. Your probably right about it and if so then this sucks, trying to do a competition this Oct and I think that would hurt me a little.


Yeah, it sucks getting stuck sith sub-par chest insertions. I got stuck with em' too. Just try to build as much mass as possible and you'll be fine man:)


This is common. Most people on the planet are not perfectly symmetrical. You don't train that away. It is simply how you are put together.


close grip bench will help


dammit x, that's like the third time you've either brought him up or posted a picture of him this week.

everytime i see that, i get nervous that my chest will have that shape when i go to cut.


I haven't posted that pic in months.

As far as the above comment about close grip presses, NO, that will not help. You can't exercise your way into changing where your muscles originate and insert. What you can do is make the muscle group larger until the size of it makes smaller discrepancies irrelevant.




Just remember:

When you're repping 585 pounds on the bench, there is no way that your chest won't look huge. /[]


Let me know when you get there.


ON my way, 'cause most guys will be able to exceed that right?


Huh? How are CGBP gonna change ones origin of their pecs?


It's been shown that it causes hyperplasia specially in the inner chest.


well sign me up!


3 months from now there'll be a thread named "Too much inner chest".



Young man, bodybuilding has everything to do with progression.

However, bodybuilding is not simply powerlifting in a higher rep range, not for everyone.
Bodybuilding for most people has to do with strength gain in a moderate rep range on SELECTED movements (SELECTED may not be flat BB bench, it MAY be smith wide to neck for you..). If you bench even three plates (hell even TWO) for reps and have poor chest development, chances are you need to use a different set of movements rather than just mindlessly pound away at a single movement and use that as a yardstick for yoru progress.

Obviously, the time to start considering alternative movements is when youre out of the beginner stage and able to contract your prime movers during said movement, rank beginners would do betetr sticking with the basic moves and eating to gain size. There's no reason to "wait" till youre able to press ten plates a side before you see good development. This is as much a game of "understanding" yourself as forcing progression.

If you're in the intermediate category (sounds like you are) and still using the flat BB bench as your primary movement as a bber, it BETTER be workign for your chest development NOW. And it betetr have been working since last year and so on.Too many (natties usually) are severely deluded on this board (looking at the responses to the thread on that bbing family guy bench 6 plates a side for reps lol) and will stunt their development thanks to unwanted dogma.


Lol. Bud, I agree with all your statements, and have applied them for myself since age 16. However, my last 3 posts were in a joking manner, and I intended to make 'em so obvious that no newb who came here followed them as advice.