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Lagging Lower Body

Hey guys, I’ve been training for a few years now. Lately I have been focusing on power so my lifts look something like this

Bench 4x3
Squat 4x4

I focus on the big compound lifts and I am going more for power and athletcism then anything else. My problem is that my legs are just so damn skinny. Right now I work with 225-245 on the rack. I have osgood schlaters disease (painful knee injury) but I still bust my ass every week on the squat rack going below parallel trying to increase my squat. The thing I hate is that is my chest always responds when I focus on it and I can usually always get my bench up…but I don’t care about my upper body anymore. It’s strong enough. I want to get a powerful lower body. Should I start training for hypertrophy for my lower body so that I have more muscle fibers to work with? I don’t know what to do and I am so frustrated. Thankyou for your time

Hi goodshoot,

As an Olympic Weightlifting coach obviously we concentrate on squating until we are blue in the face. Now what I find is, if any of my young athletes are lacking some size I have them doing a lot of different reps and sets with exercises like the…

Walking Lunge
Static Lunge
Single Leg Squat
GluteHam work
So called Romanian Deadlifts
Even bodybuilding Hack Squats
and squats with low reps like you are doing and higher reps.

I think 4x4 ain’t enough.

We do 10x2, 8x4, 6x8, 5X12, 5x1. On all the different exercises. If you are lacking size you have to mix it up.

Just wondering how old you are with having sclatters.

Hope this helps,


i think you need to do some sort of periodization for your lower body then, change it up a little.

Believe it or not, if you are looking for size to your legs. You need to add leg press in addition to doing squats of course. Add leg press twice a week and watch what happens…

I agree with one of the above posts saying about extra work with various lunges and squats.

My suggestion would be, try Smolov Squating routine.
Some call it Russian Squating routine.
It always cured everybody from “skinny legs syndrom”
in addition, your leg strenth will go through the roof, and you’ll either start loving squats or absolutely hating them!

you’ll find your skin on your back pilling and flacking from the sheer volume of the training.

It really works!

Some of my friends commented that when they were doing it, somewhat in 2/3 the entire routine, they felt as if on the juice! (such strength and thigh size increase)

I’m no expert on leg strength, but if I’m reading your post right, and you’re squatting with 225-245, you might want to hold off on Smolov.

I’m not saying that I’m absolutely certain that it won’t work–different strokes for different folks–but I tried it, intro and all, when I only squatting 225, thinking ‘this’ll get my squat up,’ and I burned out at the end of the first half of the program. The prescribed jumps are just too big to handle if your squat is small. Moreover, I have heard many recommend that you wait on this program until you squat about 3 wheels.