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Lagging Legs

Hey guys,

I’ve been making steady progress since September, concentrating on getting bigger. I’ve gone from 136lbs @5ft9 to my weight this morning of 165lbs.

I just took a few pics and my back shot looked ridiculous. My back has probably been the biggest improvement and looks extremely broad compared to my pencil legs.

My current program looks like this:

Monday (Back)

Chin ups - 3 sets to failure
Seated Row Machine - 5x5
Lat Pull down - 5x5
Bent Over Lateral Raises - 4x12

Tuesday - I play football (round variety)

Wednesday or Thursday (Legs)

Deadlift 5x5
Stiff leg deadlift - 3x8
Leg Press - 4x12
Seated Leg extensions - 3x12
Calf raises - 3 sets to failure

Saturday (Chest)

Bench 5x5
DB Press 5x5
DB Flys - 3x10
Cable Cross Overs - 3x12

I do abs whenever i feel like it and usually throw in some direct arms work for tris and bis with dumbells i have at home, or i’ll do some if im feeling energetic after i’ve finished my main workout.

I guess i should do more legs work, but where do i fit it in, baring in mind i can only hit the gym 3 times per week and don’t want to loss anything i’ve improved on in other areas.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I would scrap the leg press and change it to squats. big compound move rather than a machine movement.

Yeah, ditch the leg machines and start squatting. Also some other possiblities:

Do legs every other workout. So it would go back, legs, chest, legs, back, legs, chest etc. Sure, you’ll work chest and back less often, but only for a while until you balance your development.

Rearrange the exercises so you have three total body workouts a week and always work legs first. That way the exercises stay the same but you can give full effort to heavy leg exercises when you’re fresh.

Do some squats as part of your warmup every workout - say, 2x10. (I do overhead squats in warmup even when warming up for floor presses.)

Use the clean or snatch as one of the exercises on back day - they build upper back mass as well as leg power. You don’t have to master the full lifts right away, the power variations are easy.

Do single-leg squats, deadlifts, good mornings, one-arm db snatches or db thrusters (squat+push press) at home.

P.S. Are your shoulders developing well? I see no overhead pressing or direct shoulder work.