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Lagging Lats II


What I found that works (first time i can remember ever having sore lats)

Pullups with overhand grip but CLOSE (hands almost touching) and the same thing with rows.

Just posting this to help anyone else out...


hmmmm. I gotta try that.


close grip pullups? ive always thought that put more intensity towards the biceps, and spreading your hands out put more emphasis on the back


Keeping them close would give you more ROM though. More time under tension, better stretch, etc. That's probably why the soreness. I'll have to give that a try!


Is this tip for increasing the upper back density or increasing upper back width?

I'm interested in the latter: hitting my lats with an exercise that will broaden out my frame.


the wider the grip the more lower lats you will involve. For that V shape, wide grip chins are best. for overall back development, it's best to hit the back from many different angles, such as the one mentioned above.


I really need to improve on my chin up performance...

...problem is my left shoulder is kinda injured (something gotta do with the rotator cuff or impingement syndrome).

At certain times (while doing chin ups) I feel pain in my left shoulder, and that prevents me from improving my performance..

Any tips?? (ie. which grip to use, hand position, etc..)???


Wow, that's wierd. I just tried that last night before reading this post. I've always struggled to activate the lats right. How close? My hands wee about 15-16 inches apart at the pointer so it wasn't super close. Also tried to pull the bar apart.


I find changing the emphasis from bringing the body up/bar in, to bringing your elbows to your torso really activates my lats.


I second Vorn's statement.