Lagging jerk


Any idea’s?

May I first ask what you have done to address the issue? Do you have a club coach? Do you read/watch any instructional material on the jerk?

There are some basic things involved in the jerk: staying back on the heels, dip and drive in a vertical path, keeping the arms/shoulders loose and letting the legs/hips drive the bar upward, getting the feet down quickly.

It’s hard to tell from one very short and fast video what exactly is going on. So perhaps focus on the above. As well, try prioritize the jerk if is is truly lagging: train it first and/or last in addition to your full clean and jerks.

There are a myriad of ways to approach this, like push jerks or behind the neck jerks, etc. but the most important thing is to under the basics listed above and just practicing realizing that the jerk is a fast and violent move. If there’s any timidity in the lift you will certainly not lift to your potential.

Believe me, I feel your pain. The jerks has been and remains a hit or miss for but I am learning to be AGGRESSIVE and attack the damn thing!

One other thing I can suggest, as it seems to work for me, is to train the jerk when you are fatigued - like the end of the workout or maybe 1 clean + 3 jerks or even 3 cleans + 1 jerk. I have found that when I am fatigued from the multiple cleans/jerks I have no choice but to just launch the damn thing with my legs! Remember the jerk is as much a leg/hip movement as the 2nd pull in the snatch and clean are! Use you legs!

Sorry I don’t have anything more specific to offer at this point. Perhaps more videos - though maybe rotate them next time :slight_smile:

Onward and upward…

Thanks for your comments, I do lift with a club and they have been helping me but I still can’t seem to catch this lift up with my others so I thought it was worth a try posting on here to get some help.

I’m not sure why the video has gone so fast, I’ll try to fix that.



That seems a bit better.

Besides the fact I seem to of grown by about a third…

do you have access to jerk-boxes? They definitely help because you dont have to keep handling the weight between sets. To me, from the videos, it seems that you need to add a bit more weight.

Here’s a heavier video.