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Lagging Chest Help


Hi CT,

I need some serious help in the chest department, I've been seriously lifting for almost four years and have had great gains in my back and legs and pretty decent gains in my arms but my chest is lagging very badly and you can barely tell the difference between my chest and abs. I usually do an upper lower because new studies point to 2x a week more optimal than one and I have even tried 3x with an overreaching approach and it just still doesnt seem to respond very much. Looking back at progress pics over the years it has grown but not like my other body parts.

For my upper lower I usually do 3 sets of incline whether it be DB or barbell and 3 sets of a flat bench variation or dips. When I did the overreaching 3x a week I did 11 sets of chest a workout and that consisted of incline, flat and flyes. I've tried heavy reps, moderate reps (8-12) and some reps above 12 but I don't typically go above 12 because my arms fatigue before my chest. I know some people might say that Im not squeezing the chest properly but I can always feel it contracting and more often than not I get a pump which I know doesnt mean growth but it does mean Im hitting the right muscle. What do you suggest I do and do you believe 2x + a week is the best way to go for working out?

I would really appreciate your help


read todays article


Dips are a great chest builder and yesterday’s article will definitely help put some mass on your chest.