Lagging bodyparts

I know this may sound dumb but please bare with me. Some bodyparts like my back and shoulders are very good for size. However, my arms, traps, etc. are not in proportion to those parts. Basically what I’m asking is what should I do to bring up lagging bodyparts while maintaing the size on better bodyparts? Should I do those parts twice a week and the others once? Or at the begining of the week? Any opinions? Thak you very much gym rats!

prioritize your lagging parts by doing them first in your given workouts. figure out a routine where you do each of them first. you did not mention any lower body parts. Are all those muscles done there developed properly. You can basically do a maintanance training for the parts you are comfortable with. laters pk

I respond very well to frequent training, when it comes to muscle. For example, when I had separate days for shoulders, deads, and dumbbell squats, my shoulders exploded!

On the other hand, my strength seems to improve best if I don’t hit a muscle as frequently.

I would suggest (and this is using me as a template) doing “heavy maintenance” on your good body parts and “increased frequency” on your lagging parts.