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Lagging Body Parts


i know you all might think this is a "stupid question" but its something i've considered. would alternating between a full body workout one day and a split workout the next work out day be more sufficient to the lagging body parts? maybe to help you answer my question i'll give you some deeper understanding with what im dealing with. i have a very powerful lower body but when it comes to the "core" muscles and the upper body i start to lag. i need to find a sense of equilibriam and i'm not quite sure how. any and all advice/info/article links would be much appreciated. thanks fellas


your question is sort of vague, but if you want to bring up lagging parts, just work them more frequently. Refer to Waterbury's high-frequency articles. i'm not sure which parts you need to bring up, but dont forget the commonly-weak external rotators, grip, "core" etc. good luck


If you do a full body routine Mon & Wed then take Fri to focus on the lagging parts, you should see some improvement. Just have a little patience. You can also use Sat or Sun to get some extra work in as well but I would stick to 3 days/week if I was you.


i wasn't planning on working more than three days a week. the body parts that are lagging are my chest, abs, traps and lats. i know its quite a bit from my upper body and thats why im kind of curious as to HOW i should approach the problem. and i kind of like the idea of taking monday and wednesday for working my whole body and friday for the lagging parts.

i guess i'm just wondering what some of you would do in my situation.


Are you stuck on the full body regimine?

If your lower body is fine, then try this:

Go to a one body part a day routine. Try going with some heavier dumbell, barbell workouts.


You can still do some leg work each day, just do 2 different leg exercises everyday with lighter weight.

Do abs everyday!

Good luck.



thanks. would it be a good idea to do abs on cardio days? or should i treat them like their own muscle group and work strickly on them?


Of course. I do cardio everyday along with some type of ab work. It might not be the same exercise, but I do them everyday.




Dont forget! Every time you workout to work your lagging body parts first (when you have more energy).


thanks for all the help guys. i planned on Prioritizing my lagging muscles in my routein. i just wasn't sure if i should give them extra attention or not.


Beat the hell out of the bodypart till you can move it, rest and recover then repeat. Problem solved.


does that involve an increase in protein and carbs then too?? or just my typical diet??


Do staggered sets...after you finish doing a set of lets say benchpress do a set of the exercise in what you are lacking.

Do this throughout your workout and that should do the trick!


Nate, I had the more common problem of much stronger & bigger upper body than lower. Finally decided to solve it about 6months ago.
Bill Starr Mon-Wed-Fri 5x5 program but used upper drills that used lower body as well, e.g. Power cleans instead of rows, Push presses instead of military.
Of course, I also squated 3 times a week (back, OH, front).
You could try subbing some lower body drills that also hit your upper body, e.g. front squat + push press instead of squats, power snatch instead of deadlifts.
Of course, you should still do your benches and rows!


Start every fullbody session with squats or deads.


here's the problem with the squats. my upper body goes numb when i start to squat. and i know its not because of too much weight. i think its mostly because my traps are too weak. but would the leg press be an appropriate subsitute until my traps are strong enough to handle more than 100 pounds on the squat??


I wonder if it is safe for you to assume that the upper-body numbness is only because of weak upper-body muscles. Maybe you should go to one of the "Locker Rooms" and ask Mike Robertson or Alwyn Cosgrove or one of those guys what they think about the upper-body numbness when you squat.