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Lagging Body Parts: Arms and Chest


Hey guys! Just wanted to say I am new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. I also wanted to talk about my lagging body parts being arms and chest. I do train these muscle groups once a week. I have tried a higher frequency as well as a lower frequency as well and did not seem to budge much. I am 21 y.o 5’6 and 215lbs (compete as a middleweight). I do use a lot of isolation and compound movements and understand time under tension as well as mind to muscle connection importance. I do have a very well developed back and set of legs (I like to think lol). If any of you guys have had this issue or have any ideas to bring this up it would be greatly appreciate, since I will be competing in July and would like to bring better proportions!


Im no expert by any means but I will say for me, nothing brought my pecs up like heavy pullovers.


thats interesting do you do them with a db? I have tried them but do have a partially torn labrum so i do have an issue with these to some degree but could try to add them back in


For chest…


obviously dont run them at the same time, -alternating 4 weeks the arm program, 4 weeks normal split with above chest day a good idea


5’6" ang 215 makes you a fucking monster! Nice work.

Care to go into a little of your training history, diet, etc? Could put it in a new thread if you didn’t want to clutter up this one


sure I do a normal bro split but usually go off of feel no set day for such as “monday = chest” I usually train pretty high rep ranging between 15-25 reps. My offseason diet about 470 carbs, 235 protein and 100 fat. I have been seriously training like a bodybuilder for about 3 years now and did my first competition when I was 19. I recently this offseason have been working with my first coach Chris Tuttle. I hope this was what you were looking for? any specific information you are look for? I also am going to attach some photos for you guys so everyone can have a better understanding what I look like



one way of looking at it is to say your arms and chest lag. Another is just to say that your lats and quads are ENORMOUS! Haha


Yes, with a DB. None of that “across the bench with your back floating in the air” though. I lay down on the bench normally like you would for BP just with my head scooted to the end. Moderate weight and reps works well for me.
Also really like Landmine pressing.

Also like to add I agree with Yogi. Your lats are massive!


Lol thank you guys!! but I would rather have my back AND arms massive than make my back smaller to match lol… As if any of us would ever do that… but thank you for the compliment I’m deff gunna add the pull overs and land mind presses in and try the arm phase of the mountain dog training first and see how it goes. I will keep you guys updated


how much heavy overhead and/or bench pressing do you do? And what about dips?


I rarely do barbell bench because of my shoulder but I generally do 2-3 pressing movements a workout being either hammer strength, dbs or smith. I do do dips never really add weight tho usually my last movement until failure


I got ya. The reason I asked is because you said it’s both your arms AND chest that are lagging. So that particular type of movement should be effective at building both.

I think dips are where I’d spend some more time, and adding weight. Maybe move that to earlier in your workout rather than at the end as a burnout set. Just something to try. Does incline barbell pressing bother your shoulder as well? If not, I might add that in as well.


I have never really seen a person who could do heavy dips and have a small chest. So x2 on dips