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Lagging Back Squat, Catching Up?

^^^ My guess is you just watched it.

Solid squat set, by the way, very solid.

Gotta love the sound of those clanking plates.

Sounds like a good amount of weight being owned.

I would suggest to increase coordination and technique try dynamic effort squats. Go up as heavy as you can while maintaining speed. It will be very difficult at first, but will teach you how to activate more motor units for the movement. You do not need bands or chains, just do 10-12 sets of 2 reps.

I would do this along with frequent heavy squatting of some sort because you have to get used to heavy weights.
High rep programs are great for hypertrophy and strength, but I think you already have a good amount of both since you bb hack squat 400 pounds.

Heavy squatting gets your prepared for heavy squatting, such as maxing out.

did 230x1 (part of warm up), 205x8, then 185x5/5/5/5 (1 minute between, was supposed to be a widowmaker but my cardio sucks and the 8 rep set was tough)

then 170x12 seated leg curl

pretty soon my back squat will be > my bench