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Lagging Arms Need to Be Brought Up


First off im 5`10, 210lbs at 12-14% BF (100% natty). Im a tri&delt pusher meaning genetically big shoulders and arms, smaller chest and I also genetically have big strong legs. For over a year I was doing:

Legs&Biceps (big legs, i dont need a lot for em to grow)
Shoulders& Tris

Although even though I have genetically good arms they are only 17 inches atm. And I feel they need to be about 18 inches to be more proportionate to the rest of me. Could anyone give me advice on maybe switching my split or something that would help me get them to 18 Inches.



Priority Rule: Train Biceps before legs or on their own day.


so you arleady have big ass arms and delts with small chest, yet you need 18" to match the rest of you.

does not compute?


I mean by that is im a tri and delt pusher. Meaning when I bench those muscles take over. And although my chest is lacking in size I am trying to bring it up as well. My shoulders are big yes. Genetically my arms are good, for the past year I put so much effort into heavy compounds and focused more on strength. So now they need to come up, as my back, legs, and shoulders are overpowering arms. Although its not as easy as I thought.


why dont you throw up a picture? That'll be the easiest way to get a good critique.

You're stats are pretty much the same as mine from my avatar picture.