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Laggin Bodyparts?


Chances are, on this board (sadly) every bodypart is lagging. so dont bother cuttin, bulking, isolating to etch those cuts in deeper. if you think your almost perfect, you probably suck now, and you'll look suckier after. but you might walk around with a cocky ass smirk that'll get you jumped by some mma adoring numbskull who wants to pretend he has balls. so if your lookin to "complete you look", just give up. you'll still have a totally unrealistic sense of worth and entitlement, work as little as you can and pretend you run whatever company manages to be your slave master. and dont pretend your not a slave. if your ass gets fired, there goes dinner. if you can cook.

so if your someone whos never quite where you wanna be, no matter what you do. if your always looking to bring some muscle group up with the rest of ya, never quite reaching your dream body, stay at it mate, your the hercules people envy. the one who never finishes the race comes in first, because your only finished when your dead.

dont be laggin