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LaFlammes Log

starting a log

Background: spent a few years powerlifting, interests shifted to mma had a little bit of kick boxing under my belt. fell in love with mma, muay thai, boxing especially bjj and wrestling

went back to university, wasnt making the hour and 20 minute drive to my old gym to train due to time and financial constraints. got pulled from a fight card (muay thai) in november where i was to have my first fight at a catch weight of 160. gym has a policy of you dont show up to train you dont fight its completely reasonable and my coach made alot of exceptions for me and would have been justified in pulling me much sooner

have existential crisis
got lazy fell into the bench presses and beer program and so it continued from September till late november.

now i have found a boxing gym in my city and ive gotten my shit together. my ultimate goal is to get fights this year. boxing, muay thai, bjj tournament i dont care i want in.

my lifting is restricted my what i have in the home gym at the moment which isnt to bad buit i need more weight il post some photos at some point. here we go

today got a late start but managed an amazing 12 hours of sleep.

Pre workout meal- 2 eggs 4 strips bacon 2 pieces rye toast 2 cups black coffee and 1.5 l water

home gym workout 5:00 pre boxing light

bench press 200lbs (all the weight i have) + 15 lbs chain 3x10

Dips weighted 15 lbs chain (let the x vest take a day off) 3x10

pushups on rings with feet elevated 3x10

ab work - coffin sit ups, reverse crunch, russian twists, rockabyes

Post workout nutrition 375 ml yogurt with a scoop of rolled oats 1 tbsp organic peanut butter and a dab of maple syrup to keep it canadian

half hour later protien shake made with water and a scoop of cellmass (hate the shit but felt compelled to take it)

boxing class 7:00-8:00

warm up stretching

movement and shadow boxing

many rounds of bag work

abs again (we hadnt done abwork at this gym yet which was strange to me so i elected to do them by meyself at home before, needless to say my core was dead during the ab work at the end of class)

nutrition 2 clementines for sugar 2 l water and a protien shake with flax and wheat germ. fallowed by home made turkey stew

later 2 heads of bock choy a chicken leg

even later a hunk of sirloain tip roast and some quinoa

pre bed muscle pharm bullet proof

took a break from studying for my last final tomorrow at 830 am to get a quick workout in

warmup jumping jacks 3:minutes

shadow boxing 3 minutes

pullups 50 as fast as possible

pendlay row 135x10 155x10 155x10

single leg dead lift 200x2 per leg 155 x 5 for total of 20 reps per leg

upright row 3x10 115

incline situps x25

hanging leg raise with 2 second pause superset with twists 10/50 x3

six 3 minute shadow boxing rounds with the aid of the bas rutten cd

post workout nutrition clemintines my last dose of bcaa a protien shake and back at the books

Back on the horse today, got derailed mid week when i pulled an all nighter to get ready for my last final. came home and crashed for 6 hours cementing the destruction to my sleep scheduled then some buddies showed up to help me celebrate and next thing i know im goin toe to toe with a case of pabst and a bottle of glenlivet. then to a delightful establishment where they pump the beer directly to a tap at your table… any way down to business

boxing class

warm up


technique work

bag work combinations /hands on/ up top/ others

hit the weights after

3x10 dips

bench was just screwing around 225/6

front squat 125x10 175x10 175x10

romanian deadlift 3x10 @ 225

deadlift felt shitty not using olympic plates just the 1 inch plates and bar with no grip but it made a weight that would usually be to light a workable amount. didnt use mixed grip regular raw max 430





leg curl on universal super setted with leg extension 3x10

tomorrow is 2 hours of boxing fallowed by an hour of muay thai at the old gym, then i start the x vest workouts to stay in shape while im home and have no access to gym equipment

been a while since i updated, wasnt on my priority list during the holidays . i made good use of body wight exercise dips, ab work, pistol squats, body weight leg curls, prison pushups (maxed out at 325 i gotta go back and beat the deck at 376), and many more. got back home yesterday and ran strait into a back work out

30 pull ups wide grip dead hang touch sternum to bar

bent row (still having wrist problems in my right hand preventing any pulling with a suppinated grip) 3x10 1@175 1@165 1@155

lat pull down 3x10 lots of weight and chain

hammer curl 6x5 @40 lbs

straight arm pullover 3x10

various bicep work

i know that this was not a good workout in terms of transfer to anything athletic, but it was fun.

today did an upper body horizontal push day

started with bench 3x10 @200

dips on chains 3x10 (will post video tonight or tomorrow)

pushups on chains (again video today or tomorrow i use the chains like rings)

close grip bench 3x8 175

various tricep isolation

excited to get back to the gym tomorrow, weather sidelined me my truck isnt the most capable in the snow

both videos taken on my last set wanted to make sure i wasnt cheating

today boxing first time back since the holidays and i was fucking garbage
finished with abs

today made it quite clear i need to reduce my weight lifting volume to train competently
walked home and hit a leg day

squats 3x10 230 (all the weight i have and i didnt feel like doing 25 rep sets

barbell hip thrusts with pause 230 3x10

circuit of bunny hops and thai squats

body weight leg curls 3x10


a little rushed today but its the price i pay for trying to get my room mates to work out with me i was pleasantly surprised by there squatting form overall, no rounding of the lower back 2 guys with really good depth one with every one at least hitting parallel

shoulders and traps today usually would do clean and oly lift variations but trying to work the room mates in still got a good workout

military press 5x10 @115,105,105,115,125

chain dips 3x10

superset upright row 3x12 (light 212 tempo) @95 Lbs with rear delt raise 5lb 121 tempo

single arm arnold press 2x10 40 lbs (my heaviest dumbell…)

lateral raise 5lbs x100

abs russian twists and crunches

got the itch to test my press today when i woke up








after the 200 my inner nerd kicked in and i had to check the DnD strength charts i wanted to shoot for atleast 17 strength (220 press) but i only have 200 lbs of weight and my chains (30lb) so i loaded the chains up on the bar in 2 bundles when i unracked it just felt to wobbly for me to risk it so finding my max will need to ait for another day from the way 200 felt im thinking i can manage 230-240 with my goal for before the summer being 255 (18 strength)

did some seriously heavy eating today in preparation for what was to come

my usual 3 mile walk to class (there and back) 2 hout class from 5-7 ended a little ealry and i made the tewn minute walk to boxing

warm up


basic movement

shadow boxing

quick conditioning drills

half hour of bag work lots of upstairs drill to finish lots more straight punches today than i am accustomed to i enjoy my hooks uppercuts and overhands especially when my shoulders have been abused twice in the last 24 hours

walked home choked down my last vega endurance bar from my stocking at christmas shit tastes awful but i must say their supplements seem to work.

hit a back day

pullups 3x10 really good form had to use hanging recovery on the last set for the last 4 reps

bent row 135x10

superset reverse fly with 10 Lb plates and body weight rows with feat elevated gripping chains 3x10

bicep work (i know this isnt going to help me but ive had shitty arms forever and want to change that)

ez bar curl 3x10

concentration curl x10
75 crunches
concentration curl x10
reverse crunch x50
concentration curl x10
rockabye’s x 40

now a 500 some odd calorie shake of a quinuoa based protien and probiotic blend (170cal) a little over 16 ounces of 2% milk, 1 scoop of whey protien and five grams glutamine

suckin back some green tea now probably gonna defrost a plate of christmas left overs before i down my pre bed herbal tea and musclepharm bulletproof

early afternoon workout

bencfh press slow and controlled

warm up sets

2 work sets of 10 at 200

weighted dips 3x5 60 lbs xvest

chain push ups 3x15

diamond pushups 3x10

cable tri extension 3x10

russian twist x80 (or 40 a side)

single arm db tri extensionx10 per arm

crunches x100

single arm db tri extension x10 per arm

leg raises hands behind head x 25

again single arm db tri extension

16 ounce 2 % milk 5g glutamine and 1 scoop whey

later tonight after im done classes at 10 pm i plan on getting 10 rounds of shadow boxing and an hour of yoga in before bed now to scramble through meal prep nothing like losing fat at over 4000 calories a day

got my shadow boxing in and yoga before bed, room mates were playin heehaw with the fuckaround gang until late in the night so i figured if im going to stay up late i might aswell be productive.

for today i have boxing from 530-8 or so then i might walk to my school gym to do some squatting i wanna hit over 400 today its been a few months and my strength has been and always will be one of my best assets

boxing again today

usual warm up and shadow and technique work

half hour of bag work ranging from combos to hands on drills and uptop

came home pounded protein and oatmeal jumped into a leg workout (took er real easy dead tired and boxing again tomorrow morning)

body weight leg curl 3x10

straight leg deadlift warmup @115 3x10 @ 165,175,185 focusing on the glutes

super close stance rock bottom pin squats half to do something special having less than 50% of my 1rm at my disposal

3x10 @165 185 200

deadman leg extension 3x10

pistol squats super setted with abs

post workout nutrition protien 16 ounces milk and glutamine plate of turkey potatoes gravy bok choy

shoulders and traps today wanted to work lots of cleans but wrist wasnt having any of it



30 lbsx10 with chains as weight

60 lbs x10 x vest

60 lbs x7


strict military press (shoulders dead already)

8/10/8 @115

upright row 3x10 @115 pretty easy will up weight next time probably to 135 for 8

shrugs super set with dear delt raise 3x12 @200lbs/5lbs

lateral rais 3x12chain bundles superset front raise 10 lb plates

ab work planks and boxer situps



50 total

bent row 2x10 @135 up weight next day

close grip lat pulldown 3x10

bicep isolation exercises


tonight pad work got one of my room mates to try boxing so as a result i have some one i live with that wants to work pads with me

some more videos from last shoulder day

went to the store today with my room mate to pick up his first set of gloves (and scope out a new pare for myself)

after much searching came across the discount section and he managed a nice pare of reevo 16 ounce bag gloves for 60 bucks regular 100 that had been scuffed during shipping and i managed 2 focus mits fir 10 dollars each one with a freying seem on the logo patch and one scuffed on the face
not a matching set i could have gone for 2 reevo pads but one had way to much bulk around the wrist so i went with one model reevo and one with no identifying logo either way both feel great and i no longer have to use muay thai pads for pad work at 20 $ total im pretty happy also managed a new skipping rope and mouth guard

yesterday did boxing, kind of frustrated with it but oh well keep goin.

after boxing i did a light leg day

overhead squat 115 3x10 gonna make this a new staple of my program

split squat 3x10 per leg at 135 another exercise im gonna start hitting atleast once a week first descent glute stimulus i have gotten in a while

high bar close stance squats 3x10

abs were done at the end of boxing 5 minute plank circuit seeing as my personal plank record is 7:46 the circuit rotating between side and regular plank was quite easy

today i woke up and hit 6 three minute rounds of skipping fasted

i immediately pounded 5 tbsp of hempseed hearts after now i am still wofing back calories to get ready for my chest workout before class

later i have 12 rounds of pad work planned 6 holding 6 working boxing drills with focus mitts and i have made a deal with another room mate that if i let him take mytruck for hockey every sunday for an hour and a half he has to hold muay thai pads for me an hour and a half a week

things are on the up and up

just to give an idea of my schedule im working off an 8 day rotation with no rest with my student lifestyle i dont need rest days. i stopped partying and manage 8-10 hours of sleep a night (lower during the week than weekends) i have about 40-45 hours of schoolwork a week to accomplish so on top of what is scheduled i dont have much else taxing me

my 8 day schedule is

1-Legs quad dominant
2- horizontal push chest dominant
3- back vertical pull focus
4- shoulder and trap vertical press focus
5- legs B ham and glute focus
6- horizontal push B tricep dominant
7- back B horizontal Pull dominant
8- shoulders and traps B trap focus

i also box monday, wednesday, friday, and saturday with school league ball hockey on sunday nights and will be taking a position on a local team as a goalie coach for ice hockey as part of the requirements for my developmental psychology and community psychology classes (hate them both my focus lies in cognative psych aswell as sensory processes and perception).

i have hammered out a thrice weekly focus mitt schedule with my room mate 12 rounds total 6 and 6 each for now on tuesday thursday and sunday

and will be adding my muay thai pad work where i can get it aswell as skipping minimum 6 rounds every morning and as much as i dread it road work at least 10 k a week in minimum 2x5k bouts