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Lady X Training Log


So here it goes. In the past 3 years I became lax about my training and eating. I know my body has a tremendous potential and I am blessed with good genetics, it is the discipline and mental strength that I've been lacking lately.

About 2 years ago I changed my career path to persona training and wellness consulting (I always was passionate about this topic); but the more I emersed myself in it, the more I became immune to it, not sure how to explain it. I became overwhelmed and burned out. I lost my faith and drive.

My goal is to rekindle my faith in living a fit fulfilling lifestyle and since I've been reading T-Nation since it was called Testosterone.net, and it served as a gateway to my fitness education, I'd like to use it as part of my "Welcome Back" training log.

I hope to receive encouragement, support, feedback and constructive criticism from my fellow member here. Your love and passion for fitness will be contagious to me! :slightly_smiling:


Principles to follow:

Eating Basics
1. Eat whole foods
2. 6 Meals- 300 cals each.
3. Nutrient Ratio: 40% Protein/30% Carb/30% Fat
4. Drink 64 oz of water (8 glasses)
5. take 400 IU of Vitamin D and Fish Oils
6. 10 % (4 meals) are "cheat meals"
7. Protein-meat, poultry, fish, beans
8. Carbs-Low GI grains and fruits, veggies, especially greens
9. Oils-nuts, oils (olive, flax, sesame, etc.), avocado, etc.

Training Basics
1. Train 6 times a week
2. Cardio (Run), Resistance (my YouTube Full-Body Bodyweight Workouts), Flexibility, Other (Belly and Ballet Dance)
3. Sleep 8 hrs

Lifestyle Basics
1. Plan ahead-workouts, menu, etc.
2. Pack and be ready the day ahead

Does anyone has any other suggestions?



1. M-OFF
2. T-1 hr of outdoor running
3. W-Full Body Workout (TBD)
4. Th-1 hr of outdoor running
5. F-Full Body Workout (TBD)
6. Sa-1 hr of outdoor running
7. Su-1 hr of outdoor running

1. M-
2. T-(1) Veggie omelet w/ toast and coffe, (2) Cod w/ Salad, (3) Apple w/feta, (4) Cod w/ Salad, (5) Apple w/ Feta, (6) Steak or Fish @Avec w/ glass of red wine
3. W-(1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6)


link to 'youtube full body workouts' ?


Its time to play!