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Lady Gaga vs. Metallica- Enter Telephone


I don't tend to like pop music, but this is actually a pretty bad ass mix.


She sounds exactly like Gwen Stefani.


DJs from Mars are awesome..

A mix of some of their "older" stuff


And another from February



Dear God! What have they done!!! LMAO!! Sorry, I just couldn't wrap my axle around this one. It's like two worlds that were meant to remain apart, but something is trying to force them together. It's just not sitting right with me.


This cracked me up haha.


I like it until they started doing too much with it.




She sounds more like Christina Aguilera, she has a very powerful voice.


I sometimes wonder what people will say about this culture.
Today we make fun of the 70s but this shit is just strange.


I think it's great.


That is actually why I like DJs from Mars.
Most people take two songs and throw them in a program and pretty much lay one song over the other. These guys add their own style to it too. Works really well for clubs.


This is just awful. lars should sue them.


That shit was awful.


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I'm not expecting too many people to like this, because most people who really like pop are secretly terrified of metal, and most metalheads despise pop altogether. At least from what I've seen and heard. I'm always hearing people that like pop and alternative say that metal is too aggressive and isn't good music, and metalheads will say that pop is mindless bubblegum barbie type shit. Mixing the two IS pretty strange.