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Ladies - tell us the favourite ways you like a man to do down on you

The more we learn the better it is for you after all! Also what do you think are the best vibrators to use both just clit ones and penetration ones, as my GF and I have a fairly basic one!

Enough with the sex talk. Seriously. Here’s an idea. Pick up a MAXIM or FHM magazine or something. Better yet, ask girls you know or meet some girls to find out.

Orbital: I’m not a lady, but I’ve got the gist of your question, and just wanted to chime in…

The type of stimulation that a woman prefers is no different from us…it’s VERY individual. Listen and talk to your lady. She may actually HATE having a vibrating plastic mortar round shoved up her ass, but does it because she thinks that YOU enjoy it.

When she realizes that you genuinely care about her pleasure, she will let you know in words and action. To me…there is nothing more “sexy” than when Jenna derives complete sexual satisfaction simply because I listened…


(P.S. I’m still curious too about what the ladies have to say!)

or… read the ‘Gang O’Babes’ column! (sorry, shameless self-promotion!! ok, I’m not sorry grin)

My biggest pet peeve is when it seems like it's just a necessary 'chore' that you have to get out of the way before getting on to more interesting things. Just enjoy yourself!

Ok Michelle will do. Going down is never a chore as it really great the rsaponse you get and making your girl come. Also if she shaves her pussy I like it better than sex!

Orbital is really Bill (“I never had sex with that woman”) Clinton.

better than sex???

Yeah especially if she sits on your face, my GF just has a very sexy looking pussy

This is unfortunately a question that cannot be answered for all girls, but only for the girl you’re with. I guess there are starting points, but after that it is SO girl dependent. A good summary of this is in the archives of a the column Savage Love (use google, you’ll find the archives without much work). It’s essentially a sex advice column covering everything from normal questions about sex like this to poo-eaters (not exaggerating). Well, they did a column on this very question. All it was was the writer lining up letters with completely opposite suggestions (i.e “No teeth whatsoever” vs. “Use teeth every step of the way”). Funny to read. Anyway, it’s more about communication with your girl and letting the sex be a manifestation of the relationship (be it one night stand or soulmate). So just learn to listen (to EVERYTHING), and make sure she’s not frigid. But this is a wonderful question to pose to our lady readers, as new ideas on what to try are quite welcome. I’m anxious to here what they’ll suggest.

I agree with you my brother. I dated this girl for six years that had the sexiest pussy in the whole wide world. We had this ottoman, and she used to straddly my face regularly. She’s probably gonna read this, too. I don’t care though, because it was the best six years of my life! Never underestimate the power of a woman.

Jenna RELUCTANTLY gave me permission to share this…but she knows you guys are sorta’ “family”…!

While the two of us are just holding each other and talking about things “bathed in the afterglow” (isn’t that a GREAT term!)…Jenna will ask me something, and I’ll put my hand to my ear and say “What???” “What did you say???” “What???” (Over and over like I can’t hear)

Anyway…I tell her it’s because of the “thigh vice” she just put my head in when she “reached the moment”… (You guys gotta know Jenna…imagine this sweet, wonderful very quiet woman turning into Glen Close on Michael Douglas’s Back in “Fatal Attraction”! LOL!!!

Just listen and look and talk, guys…your sweetie will let you know in a lot of ways if you’re in tune…

Ugh! Mufasa!!! I wanna throw up on your posts sometimes. lol. Keep those gross moments to yourself.

First of all, MACHINE, please exercise your First Amendment right to enjoy the diversity of publications and forums available, ie. if you don’t dig sex threads - don’t fuckin’ read 'em or waste your time (and ours) posting on 'em! But alack, it also is your right to do so - it just seems like a monumental waste of time, energy and board space. Start your own thread on whatever you find interesting and amusing, and if anyone else has feelings on it they’ll join you.

In the meantime, let all us perved T-folk return to the fun topic at, um, hand?

I didn’t get the impression Orbital was looking for a end-all, beat-all answer on the universal question of ‘What Women Want’ (other than Mel Gibson). Rather, I thought he was looking to pick up on what each of the females on the board (who are willing to share) wants. As such, I draw on my own experiences.

While I very much enjoy being eaten out, it is not something that has any liklihood of making me cum. That alone relegates it to ‘foreplay’ (some women have better orgasms this way so for them it is more ‘play’ than ‘foreplay’). And foreplay is a wonderful thing when done in moderation. I am too impatient to let someone go there and ‘camp out’ - again, this comes back to me being somewhat a take-charge type person. Pretty much all the techniques mentioned here and in previous posts are fine and the only relatively universal thing I can say is to just get in there and lose yourself in it all. Someone trying to eat me that will only do the soft, tongue flickering thing is of absolutely no use to me at all. That would be like a heavy groping session culminating in me sliding down your chest and belly, undoing your pants, taking your shaft in my hand and blowing it baby kisses from 2" away. Damn useless!

The best thing a guy can do for me orally, would be to address ALL of it. I like things rough most of the time and my latest acquisiton has picked up on this; hard, deep, dominating kisses with my hair being pulled, little bites and hard sucking on my lips, tongue, tits and lips; biting and grabbing me to the point of bruising in several places. Then alternating the hard, bruising tempo with one of complete care and tenderness complete with soft but still passionate kisses and touch. He actually licked me from head to toe during a four hour session, not all at once like a cat or anything but progressively. I’d never have thought I’d dig that but it was very sexy at the time. But then I never thought snowballing was sexy and I now stand corrected.

Regading the toy question…I have my collection and have something for pretty much every occasion. I don’t like the vibrators that have the thingy sticking out of the base to ‘tickle’ the clit though. I’m into pressure, not tickling. Again, it’s all a very personal thing and every chick is different.