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Ladies-Only Class


So the ladies-only krav class is going really well. Last night we practiced eye gouges to grapfruit halves & a couple of those ladies went so nuts they ripped their grapefruits in half! Most all the students have never trained or even been athletic before, so its pretty slow going, frankly, but we're adding in intensity as we think they can handle it.

Tomorrow we start street clothes training, I'm teaching in a skirt & heels. I'll try to get some pics or video to show you, I think it'll be cool to see them. We'll also start doing some drills in the dark tomorrow.

We're also planning an "obstacle course" for the parking garage. One student walks through the garage, a person (hopefully a guy) will be leaning against a column texting & as she passes him he'll fall in & follow her. Sometimes he attacks the student, sometimes not.

She'll be approached by people jumping out between cars, sometimes shouting & holding pads for her to strike, or grabbing her in a choke, or just innocently asking the time. I want to position my car so I can try to drag them into it. The key is, its different every time, if you know an attack is coming but you don't know when, that's what gets the adrenaline up.

The other teacher wants to wait a few more weeks before we do this, she's constantly trying to rein me in, which I do need! She's right, of course, they really aren't ready yet.

A little unsure about the whole plan of having a guy come in to attack me while I'm teaching, at least about doing it now. Last night I was in the lobby just chatting with a recent sexual assault victim, & one of the other instructors, a huge scary bald guy snuck up & suddenly grabbed me, bear hugging me & swinging my feet several feet into the air.

I squealed with delight, but she ran away from us as fast as she could. He would never have done that if he knew who she was, obviously. I think I'll just be frank & tell the ladies what I'm thinking of doing, and trust them to tell me if anyone isn't ready for that. I'm finding designing this class to be quite a tightrope walk.

You know, last year I attended a 6 week class series that was ladies-only sparring. It was invitation only, so they could keep the class size small & just work with those of us who like to go hard. I wonder if I should create a little series of classes that works these "obstacle course" scenarios & open it to both men and women, but keep it fairly small.

Any comments you guys have about any of this are welcome. I'm just making this class up as I go along.


Sounds excellent. Very realistic.

If you can, read up on the techniques that criminals use. A common one is a pincer movement, where a guy comes up and asks for a cigarette while another approaches from another angle.

Oftentimes they'll use a reasonably enclosed space, like the sidewalk between a building and a parked car, to try and bottleneck someone as well.

Be very careful with this.

The "Never Again" crowd is something that I wouldn't particularly want to deal with. There is a passage in "Little Black Book" that I'll send to you about it.

Also, go to this site if you haven't already. This specific page deals with rape and women's issues, but the entire site is the greatest resource on the net as far as what I consider "real" self-defense to be, from top to bottom.


I would give it a shot. But take your time Parker. Don't get too far ahead of yourself. :wink:


Ooh, good idea. I got caught in a sparring version of this last night in 2 on 1 sparring. Didn't keep them lined up & the each got on a different side of me. I got punched. For the enclosed space we're using the hallway that leads to the garage. You can't see around the corner in that hall. Bwahahaha!

Thanks for that link, and yes, please send me that passage. I'd appreciate it very much.