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Ladies Night at the gun range


local gun shop has ladies night 2x some weeks and 1x others. classes fill fast and the women have a great time. they learn to shoot the right way. $30 for inst, 50 rnds, choice of revolver or pistol, t-shirt, and a couple range passes. anybody else have a local shop that offers this? if not suggest it to them. here's their site so other shops can get the details

great article

your grandma with a 357

just an ordinary southern gun shop


That actually sounds like fun. Never fired a gun before.

What about cannons? =D


they've been known to let newbies fire em'




That would be awesome fun.


Yes, Scottsdale Gun Club.


More females should know how to shoot well. A gun may not always be the best defence, but in a physical situation it can level the playing field.

Charlie Horse: sorry, but no handguns in Canada unless you're special. Maybe you can fight for legislation to give you your rights back.


There's a place in Calgary that as far as I can tell will let you shoot handguns in their range even if you don't have a license. This is a sampling of their range guns http://driveit.clickspace.com/gallery/1035325/1000774

I've heard there's some pretty crazy hoops to jump through if you actually want to own one though.


To thejonty no handguns but what about all that hunting yall do up in the north? Do they allow rifles without jumping through hoops?


You need a license to own. The licensing is stricter now, really pissed my dad off when they changed it, he has antiques and some that were left to him when his friend and dad died.


Wow Charlie, Im a bit surprised. Is not hunting a big deal up North? Maybe since I live in Texas it kind of makes my mind spin at the notion of one not having a weapon. Hope your pops gets to keep them.


you gotta have a license to own antique guns? I guess you getting a cannon is going to be a shitload of paperwork.


He does it just meant he had to shell out a lot to register them all even the ones that don't work, that was the problem with that new law(It's not new anymore 10 years old).

It mostly was a problem for people who had collection. Basically not criminals. lol

I always wonder if gun control is the best answer when I read that old headline about that attack on those female engineers at Ecole Polytechnique in Quebec(1989) "14 unarmed women gunned down..." would it have been as many if one of them had been armed?

Although I believe it was used to bring about stricter gun control laws.


I've never fired a handgun either. I was in the army so you get rifles, machine guns, grenades and rocket launchers...but pity, no handguns.


There's a pretty atrocious video of me on YouTube shooting my .45 for the first time.
It was my first handgun ever. I shoulda known it would be a different ballgame than rifles. Eitherway, it's good for laughs.


Are you that girl firing a Desert Eagle and it hit you in the face??!?


and the link? =)


Nards---How did you guess?! You will be glad to know my face is recovering nicely.


Yeah, finding a stranger who sells them out of the back of his car must be onerous.

Anyhow, we would not let such bureaucratic hassles stop us, wouldnt we?



That's you?! Wow!