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Ladies-Anyone Doing Anabolic Diet??

Is anyone doing any low carb stuff to drop fat? How is it going for you?
I switched my diet up and am doing the anabolic diet, but my weight hasn’t changed in a month. I know I probably don’t have the calories low enough, so I’m going to work on that. What is working for you? Do you consider your diet healthy, and will you stay on it as a lifestyle??


Have you looked at the Paleo Diet? I lost 16 lbs in Jan with very little effort…

I wish the old FA logs were still around :frowning: SO much good info in them…maybe PM eyesontheprize I think she did it for a contest prep and did well on it.

Check this out


I did the anabolic diet for about 3 months with EXCELLENT results, however I found every monday very hard getting back on track, but I managed to do it. There was so much meat eating involved that it got too expensive for me and my carb days were all out binges, also my workouts towards the end of the week were not good. Its worth a try but just didn’t suit me long time. I have been paleo for 4 months now and am enjoying it.