Hey guys, I just, a week ago started training with “ladders” on all my movements. Its an old idea, I guess, I caught a rundown on it by Dan John. Ive used ladders to improve my chinups but had never thought to try them for weight progression, rahther than just reps.

Anyways, here it is. You use a weight that its about 80%(7 or 8 rm) and do sets with it, going from 1-5 in a set, with the rests roughly as long as the set took. If you have a partner you can do “I go, you go”. Then a series up to 4 then up to 3 and so on, so a complete ladder looks like:1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,1,2,1.

It allows for a pretty good volume at 80%, and when you can hit all the way and not miss any reps, you bump weight.

What do yall think? Any feedback, or anything. My main goal is to increase strength moreso than size. Not that I dont need both, but first things first, right?

I just finished week 1, going 3 days a week at it, using: bench, barbell rows, squats, and chins. I will stay on it at least a month or so, just to keep from switching around too much. Any tips on better ideas or feedback appreciated. Be well, and GOD bless.

Oh hey yall, just thought to add one thing I wanted to ask yall, being as so many of you seem to have a huge base of experience, and knowledge.

I am GH deficient, and so the doctor has me taking .4mg of humatrope per day, and will continue to check my levels, and titrate up from there until I am in the right range. My total T is also at the lower end of normal range(325) but not low enough to warrant treatment, Im told. I have been lifting really dedicatedly for almost 3 years, and gains have dried up quiet some time ago, at some pretty dismal levels. (215: full squat, 290:deads, 170 bench)
My body weight is 165 or so, at 5’11", and I have a fatrack gold caliper that puts me at around 4-5%. I was really skinny (138) when I started out, and was coming back from an eating “thing”, after a divorce (lost like 40 pounds) so I know Im real weak still, thats why my main goal is to rebuild. I just thought Id be farther along by now.

Dont get me wrong here, Im not on “gear” or looking for shortcuts, but should I modify my training in any way in light of the GH shots? Like go for high rep routines with a bunch of volume, or since I still am most concerned with strength stick to the lower reps, which I like better?