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Has anyone tried Pavels Ladders for chin ups or pushups? What did you think of it?

I haven’t yet…But, that is how he trained his Spetnatz (sp?) units to due more pullups with gear and packs on. In case someone is confused the Spetznatz is a Russian Spec Ops. He now sets up programs for many SWAT teams in the US, and pullups is one of the strength tests he preaches to them. Also, Clarence Bass has raved about the ladder technique after he tried it.

I’ve been using a variation of them in my workout for about 5 weeks now. I’m doing a slight variation of them that has been working wonders. I’m gonna post the results in a few weeks. This was the first program I designed myself using this idea, accept I had terrible pullup strength and couldn’t start out doing normal ladders.

done the ladder for chins and dips, first time I did 2-3 times as many total dips/chins as I had ever done. outlaw says it kicks ass.

I have most of Pavel’s videos but I am drawing a blank on this one can someone who has done these explain them in detail?

When I first read about using the ladder method I became quite excited because I’d been stuck at around 12 chin-ups for quite a while. Traditionally, I was someone who would do 12 reps, rest 3 minutes and only be able to get 9, then 7, which always bothered me. I tried doing Pavel’s version of the ladders (1,2,3,4…1,2,3 etc), but after a week or two I wondered if there was a better way for me because I still found fatigue setting in at the higher numbers, and I couldn’t get the volume I was hoping for. Instead, I now do the ladders in a slightly different way. Here’s the rep scheme: 2,3,2,4,2,5 (you could continue to your own non-fatigued upper limit)…each with 30 seconds rest between sets. I repeat this 3 times per day. I’m not fatigued at all by this routine and I’m able to get much greater volume. For progression, I plan to reduce the rest between the sets of the ladder by 5 seconds each week, in hopes that I’ll be able to knock-off the 18 reps without rest. Let me know what you think.

What is Pavel’s first name? i’ve seen a few posts about his stuff on the board and it sounds interesting. i’m interested in learning more. does he have a website?

Deisel- Read my two part interview with him in the previous issues section of T-mag. All the info is there. I think we talked about Ladders too.

I have nothing against the Ladder System but I think you’re better off adding weight via the ol’ dip/chin belt if you’re interested in increasing the number of bw chins you can do.
Eithr straight sets or a wave system (add 25 -45 lbs for 1 rep, rest 30 seconds, do as many bw chins as possible, rest 2 minutes, wash, rinse, repeat).

Wasn’t it Pavel’s uncle that trained dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell. And now, just think, Pavel Jr. is training Dawgs to climb ladders. Next Pavel III will be training Nate Dogg to hate table legs! :slight_smile:

EAG, your right if you just want strength. But the whole idea behind ladders is strength endurance. In other words how many times can I do a specific movement. It relates more to martial artists, military training, and sport specific training. Take boxing for example: If I can bench 225lbs 35 times and my opponent can only do it 20, then I will have a much better time of winning the match. It means I can punch harder, for a longer amount of time. The traditional method is to get your 1RM high enough to where you can do 225 for 35reps easily. Although increasing you 1RM can take alot longer (at least for me).