Lactose Intolerant

Any thoughts as to how to deal with being lactose intolerant? I have always been a big milk, cheese and yogurt eater but in the last 6 months have developed a definite intolerance resulting in sever stomach cramps. Calcium is one thing I know I need to be getting. Should I supplement it or rely on another source?

Supplementing it would be a good idea.

Also, definitely look into some egg white-based protein powders. There are several available on the market, and they provide a good alternative to milk-based products.

Get some lactaid to help with the intoleranrce and I have heard pp having greatr luck with lactose free dairy.

There are also some “lactose free” whey powders around, though they aren’t exactly of the highest quality (Optimum nutrition has one, couple other companies too) from what I remember. If you can get some free trial packets, you may try a few to see if they really are lactose free.

Make sure you take your calcium with some magnesium and fat (like fish oil) and that there’s vitamin D in it. Otherwise you’re spinnin’ your wheels.


Supplements are a great idea as long as they are all natural ( NOT GNC or Wal Mart omg ! ) Good luck and PM if ya have questions!