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lactose intolerant

Hey, so now I’m hearing that soy milk ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’m lactose intolerant so now I’m thinking I’ll use lactose free milk (like Lactaid) to mix with my protein powder, instead of soy. Anyone know if this will be counter productive for me? I hate mixing with water, I find milk much better tasting. I’m definitely not a chemist, but sometimes when figuring out my diet I feel like I have to be. By the way, I also heard somewhere that citric acid counteracts the effects of creatine, and when using creatine one should avoid drinking juice from citrus fruits. Then what’s with the Lemon-Lime flavoured creatine stuff? Not natural flavouring I guess. Any thoughts? And oh yeah, while I have your attention, drive over the damn border into the states and get me some Mag-10…if they stop you and ask what is…tell 'em it’s Gatorade…much appreciated. Ciao.