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Lactose Intolerant


I usually drink 16 oz of milk + 2 scoops of whey a day. I've been doing this combo for a couple years. I've been drinking tons of milk my entire life though with no problems. My problem is that in the past few days I've gotten some bad stomach aches + gas and I'm thinking its something to do with the dairy.

If I'm lactose intolerant I'm fucked since milk and whey counts for a ton of protein...Does lactose intolerance ever just come up at 19 years of age? Whats the easiest way to test?


[quote]CrystalMonkey wrote:
I usually drink 16 oz of milk + 2 scoops of whey a day. I’ve been doing this combo for a couple years. I’ve been drinking tons of milk my entire life though. My problem is that in the past few days I’ve gotten some bad stomach aches + gas and I’m thinking its something to do with the dairy.

If I lactose intolerant I’m fucked since that that milk and whey counts for a ton of protein…Does lactose intolerance ever just come up at 19 years of age? Whats the easiest way to test?[/quote]

Yea, lactose intolerance can just “pop up” outta no where. Most people will develop some sort of intolerance towards lactose as they age. To test it, go to a doctor. However, you can ingest 50grams of lactose and check your blood with a glucose meter to see if your blood sugar went up. If you are indeed intolerant to lactose, blood glucose levels shouldn’t rise.


I’m in the same boat as you buddy, where these symptoms just popped out of nowhere. Makes me very sad.


I really hope I’m wrong about this… the milk+whey is delicious+lots of protein + good PWO nutrition. How can I replace it all?


Whey isolate should be lactose free. Mix it with a different carb source, like dextrose, maltodextrin, waxy maize starch, fruit juice, gatorade powder, swedish oat starch, ect… (you have lots of options).


Most isolates, whey, milk protein, are lactose free. Whey concentrate if it’s high quality, only has a little lactose and should be tolerable overall. Then use a lactaid milk or whatever they’re called and you’re set.


[quote]That One Guy wrote:
I’m in the same boat as you buddy, where these symptoms just popped out of nowhere. Makes me very sad.[/quote]

Irritable bowel syndrome.I’ve been going through this since January.Out of the blue.I think Iv’e got it narrowed down to yogurt.I couldn’t figure out why it was worse mon to friday and better on weekends.Turns out I tended to skip the yogurt on weekends.Someone in the T-Alpha forum wrote a great article on this.


2 cups of cottage cheese for me today and I have the worst gas and stomach cramps :-{ Seems like another case of lactose intolerance “popping up” as I approach the old age of my late 20s.

Any good substitution recommendations? I’ll probably go with WPI or just lean meat with a calcium supp. Only if tuna mixed with peanut butter as well as cottage cheese!


Yeah lactose intolerance hit me late teens early 20s.

Best advice possible.

Eat yogurt EVERYDAY. Have at least 1 if not 2 servings everyday. Eating yogurt daily drastically increased my tolerance to lactose. (ie today I ate an entire bag of low fat mozzarella and didnt have any real sideeffects)

Takes about a week or 2 before it makes a difference.

For milk you could just get the lactaid milk (fat free, low fat, whole all the same crap)

And when taking cottage cheese or something you could buy those lactose enzyme pills to take with em (or its very possible that the yogurt will allow you to eat cottage cheese no problem)


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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Cut out:

Anything artificial (sweetners, preservatives, colours, etc)

For 6 weeks, then slowly re-introduce key foods that you feel you can’t do without (like whey. You can definitely do without milk).

The 6 weeks of elimination diet will allow the body to process some of its stores of toxins. Hopefully when you have ‘de-toxed’ (god I hate that phrase - far too overused IMO) your body will be less sensitive to certain things and you can once again consume them - in moderation.

In addition, you should supplement with:
Intake 2 x 4g glutamine ED to reduce gut inflammation
fish oil
Organic fruit & veg & meat & fish.
B complex vitamins - B6 and B12 aid methylation, the bodys’ own anti-oxidant, ‘de-toxification’ system.
NAC - the rate-limiting factor in glutathione production.
A good quality multivit and mineral
Extra zinc and magnesium

This should of course be longterm.



For OP, chances are your gut is inflamed from the years of pasturized milk. Lucky for you you get your inflammation now as opposed to when you were younger as they likely would have shoved you full of soy milk and birth control pills. Now you can dodge that shit.

So go on the elimination diet and be a choosy bitch till your ss quits breathing out for you. Works for me. Then after a while i can get back on all the gross sexy foods that fuck me up and they dont cause issues [for bit].

In other news: if you can find RAW milk right out of an organic cow you can likely eat the shit out of that. No matter what raw milk always digest easy for me and it makes you strong as a bad smell.



It’s not really a loss, you can still eat “the good” dairy, like Greek Yogurt, and cottage cheese. Very little lactose.

There’s a reason people develop lactose intolerance; we’re not really setup to take in large amounts of cow milk.

Raw milk sounds great, but it’s expensive, difficult to get a hold of, and in the more nanny-state areas of the country and internationally, it’s illegal… because you can get really, really sick if something is off.

Milk is an interesting topic around here: it seems to draw a line between who is interested in health/fitness/muscle/size vs. the grow at any cost crowd. The macros are great for growth, but beyond that, milk is pretty terrible for us, especially in large amounts. Just eat the cow instead.


It does just “pop up” and really sucks, but I recommend an egg based casein protein, tasty and doesn’t upset my stomach, as I too am lactose intolerant.
For post workout nutrition I use a lactose free whey and mix it with cranberry juice, oatmeal, Europeans Best frozen fruit, of course the usual glutamine and creatine. No stomach issues at all and recommend goat cheese as it has no lactose.


[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:

A good quality multivit and mineral


Can you recommend a quality multi obtainable in the US?


Strong necro post.

Where the fuck do you guys find these old-ass posts?

You don’t just check the first page for the stuff people have actually been talking about in the last few days (months)?


LOL Ghost! Get told to use the search function enough and you will!

Thanks for the feedback all. The cottage cheese + fiber supplement was compounding my flatulence. I’ve decided not to mix the two and deal with it. If more serious GI issues arise I’ll cut out the lactose completely, but that would mean no more Metabolic Drive and it’s an option I refuse to take at this point.


I use to eag eggs all the time for breakfast and then one day i just started getting major stomach cramps and the shits from eating them. Same thing with larger quantities of milk.

I also one day started to become allergic to shellfish.


yep, it just came out of no where when i was 23yrs old. it took me about 2wks of massive shitting and farting to put two and two together lol. man did i fart a lot.

iv’e found whey’s around it (like that?). lactaid milk is more pricey, but i just dialed back my intake and upped intake of otehr foods instead.

look around on this site, there are lots of other threads on it too.