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Lactose Intolerance


I think I have it. When i put on 10 pounds mostly through the addition of milk my digestive system was totally messed up so since I have dropped it and replaced the calories elswhere.

Now if i have anything more then some milk with some cereal my digestive systemm seems to get hit hard again. Are there any supplements or is there any advice that could help this problem? It's just, milk is so good to help with a weight gain, and preferably i still want to include it in my diet, but i suppose i may actually be intolerant.


Look into the product LACTAID (prehydrolyzed milk) and or Lactrase (contains enzyme lactase). For lactose intolerant people.


Look you could also have an allergy to milk maybe mildly who knows. If you have insurance get some blood work done and you get get all sorts of tests done for food allergies/intolerances.

Try drinking raw milk, those who can't drink pasteurized milk can drink raw milk fine with no problems. I don't know if it's just me or what but when you have to supplement your body to just drink/eat something that's just not right.

Then again if you're in a position where it's one of the only things easily attainable as far as getting calories in. Get those pills or drink lactaid like mentioned above.


I have this same problem so I get lactose free milk it should be at your grocery store


I kept drinking milk in spite of my lactose intolerance.

Eventually, I got burning diarrhea and I think I even bled.

Edit: I was drinking 2-4L a day.


This happened to me, as well.

No sense in trying to be a hero about it, though. You can buy lactase pills at any grocery store/pharmacy (you can get 60 for about eight bucks at Wal-Mart). It's slightly less convenient than buying lactose-free milk, but it is much cheaper if you are the type who pounds milk.


The symptoms of a dairy protein allergy are usually quite different than those from lactose intolerance.

It's easiest to use lactose-free milk or lactase enzyme to rule out whether lactose is the issue first, before spending time and money on allergy testing.

BTW, pasteurized milk still contains lactose, so it won't be of much help if the OP is lactose intolerant.


lactaid would be a good choice if you have money. i just bought less than a gallon of it for around 7$. i havent tried the lactaid pills but im sure theyre prob just as expensive too. i am also curious to what other options there are. maybe just generic brand pills or something?


Drink raw milk. Because it isn't processed (pasteurized/homogenized) it retains enzymatic activity which helps the body digest lactose. It even says on the bottle: "Does not cause lactose intolerance."

From http://www.organicpastures.com/faq.html:

  1. Why do you say that "Raw Milk is Alive"?
    Natural organic raw milk has in it vitally important living things. These include the following: beneficial bacteria, enzymes (including lipase, protease. and other), lactase forming bacteria, and many enzyme based pathogen killing systems. The common practice of pasteurization inactivates or dramatically reduces the effects of these important active (living) elements. As a result, you may be lactose intolerant when drinking pasteurized milk, but not lactose intolerant when you drink raw milk. This is because lactase enzymes are being formed when you digest raw milk. That is why we say, "only living milk brings life."


Thanks alot for the replies here guys- very useful stuff. On the next shop i will sample raw milk. I don't think my case is terribly severe despite some bleeding and diarrohea symptoms, so hopefully that will do the trick, if not i will look into the pills as milk is just the perfect food to make sure my calories are topped up to what they need to be every day, as i'm sure others have had in their mind it almost seems "worth the annoyance" even with the symptons, just for the weight gain.


Welcome to my life man. I'm lactose intolerant as well as bad with bread. I just say I'm bad with carbs pretty much full stop. Love veggies though. Love milk as well which is a problem :confused: