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Lactose Intolerance and Protein Shakes


I am lactose intolerant and I'm looking for recommendations for protein shakes that have worked for people with this same problem.

I am preferably looking for RTD, but powder is fine too.

I really can't handle whey protein. I have done better with casein.

Any recommendations are appreciated.


Just get Whey Isolate?

Problem solved?


I'm not lactose intolerant, but have actually have a problem with whey. Anything more than a half scoop of whey protein will make me sick to my stomach. I've become a fan of egg protein. Seems to mix better, and i think it tastes better.

It seems many whey mixes are lactose free. If its just the lactose, I would think you would still be able to get away with the isolate.


hmmm....yea i'm gonna have to look into this some more to see if I can find exactly what my problem is.

I can have a glass of milk and maybe a yogurt during the day, but that is about it. If I have anymore than that, it will be a long day...and night.

I've tried Jay Robb Whey and it used to kill me. Supposedly that brand is supposed to highly regarded and does not have artificial crap in it.

I've also used ON brand whey and casein which I think worked better for me.




My best friends GF is pretty into all the nutrition and fitness stuff and she is lactose intolerant and swears by egg protein as well. So I'd recommend looking into that...I'll see if I can find out which one she uses.


The ON brand is all I've really found at local stores. Haven't bothered much with the online places as I know of a few stores that are equally cheap.

The ON stuff is good, but if there's something better out there I'd like to check it out.


I know its a cliche brand, but musclemilk is lactose free


I've always used egg white protein without any problems. I'm severely lactose intolerant so whey isn't really an option. I doubt that there's significant qualitative differences between the progress you would make with whey vs egg white.


did you do this yet OP?