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Lactose Free Whey?



Anyone has some recommendations for lactose free whey protein? I'm lactose intolerant and even if I look at food I start farting. Anyone has a good lactose free whey source? Thanks.



Most of your HIGH quality whey and or blends will have little to no lactose. You concentrates etc will be a bit higher. Look at the carb content and the sugar content.

Im not Lactose intolerant but many who are say they have no problem with Metabolic Drive.



I'm lactose intolerant and don't have any problems with Metabolic Drive products.

Grow! also works well for me.


I'm also lactose intolerant and I use trueprotein whey isolate and hydro whey


American Body Building makes a good whey ABB Pure Pro.. 4.5lbs for about 22-24$$ search it up on dpsnutrition.com


Does anyone know how I can find out if they make a one serving package of Metabolic Drive? I do not see any listed in the store.

I am lactose intolerant and the last supposedly high quality whey protein destroyed my insides. My stomach and intestines were all messed up for a while.

I would rather not buy an entire tub of protein to find out I cannot use it. I have been using Hemp Protein, but it is expensive.


if a pure whey isolate makes you fart, then maybe you can try hydrolyzed whey, and if you're still having trouble with lactose-free, or nearly lactose-free products, then you could be allergic to something else besides the lactose, which would be near impossible.