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Lacto-ovo Veggie Cutting


Hello people,

So recently I decided I wanted to turn vegetarian so I cut out out all meats, fish and eggs. Found I put on too much fat so went back to meat for a while. However now I have decided I will stop meat and fish but retain eggs in diet.

I have looked into Bill Pearl's diet since he was a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian, the only problem is he recommends mainly meat-alternatives that are only in the USA such as Breakfast Links Bacon.

I am currently on a 2 day low-carb 1 day carb-load diet, the carb loads are fine because most vegetarian stuff are carbs.

My problem is the low-carb days, I cant keep eating eggs and almonds all day, and with Quorn and soy based proteins IMO oestrogen went too high.
Any ideas?



I'd definitely avoid processed soy stuff, soy-based fake meat substitutes, and soy protein powders, but you're fine with soy whole foods in moderation (tofu, tempeh, miso, edamame, etc.).

On the low carb days, focus on whole eggs, dairy (cottage cheese, greek yogurt, milk), and maybe some protein powders if you can find one you tolerate taste-wise. Rice and pea protein aren't the tastiest things ever. If you're including dairy, then obviously a whey or casein protein would be fine.

Depending on how low you're keeping carbs on those days, you might be able to include some quinoa, and/or beans with rice or corn.


I couldn't have summed it up better if I were trying to make fun of you.

If you found that your body was not performing optimally on a particular diet why go back even with modifications?

If the foundation of a house is falling apart you don't replace the windows and hope for the best.


I do IIFYM so it's easy. Most of my protein intake comes from protein powder (a high quality blend would be a good idea), eggs, and lowish fat dairy.


Thanks for this Chris, very helpful. Currently my diet looks something like this:

Morning: 4 whole eggs, shake
Meal 1: Tuna with olive oil and salad
Meal 2: Almonds and cottage cheese
Meal 3: 4 whole eggs
Meal 4: Fish with cottage cheese

Green Tea Extract/caffeine
Vit C
Vit B
Vit D

High carb days I near enough eat what I want, this is the problem IMO. I tend to go on a Carb-Rampage, however I havent done too much damage thanks to a really good metabolism.
I know the low days are no way near enough calories, but so far I have retained some decent size although not as much as I would have liked to.



JLone, I understand your logic however the problem is I want to be a vegetarian (reason does not matter) so going back to same diet with mods is the only way for me.