Lactic Acid Training Sequence?

Greeting to all

Can someone please help me figure out the training sequence for this program? I want to know the order in which to perform the exercises.

day one
chest and back
A1 6 inclined DB presses
A2 12 Inclined BB presses
A3 25 inclined DB presses
rest 2 mins

B1 weighted chins
B2 bent over rows
B3 seated cable rows to the neck

Now here the sequence i was performing:

A1 superset with B1
A2 superset with B2 so on and so on at the end i rest for 2 mins.
Is this the correct order or do i execute A1, A2, A3 rest 2 mins and then B1, B2, B3 rst 2 min??

I think your superset idea is more efficient. There is nothing wrong with your sequence.