Lactic Acid Training Results?

Has anyone finished this program (Lactic Acid Training for Fat Loss)?

I can see the article was posted on 8-15-05, and the last posted response was on 9-15-05. That was over a month ago from, but nobody has posted celebration. There was a lot of discussion along with a little whining, but who has finished?

I’m in my second week of the workout, and want to know if anyone lost pounds of fat on this one! Any results?

My fiance and I did this program. We had just gotten back from a stint of margaritas and all that jazz from an all inclusive week in the Dominican. We were more plump than I’d like to admit. We did Fat to Fire 2. Then we did LAT. We did renegade jump rope for warm ups and I have to say. I think it was 8 weeks…maybe 7, maybe 9. Hard to recall. But we lost all the weight we gained, she got even more lean than when we started (by far) and 4 of my abs have appeared from behind the fat curtain. But, we also went on t-dawgish diets.

Fat to Fire 2 worked better for us. (I’ve used it before as well). LAT was hard as hell and burned, but was never sore the next day. Who can say for sure how well it worked, but i’d stick to the classic meltdown/fat to fire training.

Anyone else try Poliquin’s Lactid Acid Training For Fat Loss?

Thinking of giving it a whirl and was curious to hear results anyone else had had.