Lactic Acid / Meltdown Training

I’m currently doing Meltdown Training and I’m wondering how you know
when lactic acid is present? Since beginning it last week, I notice that
my spit is very thick during and after the workout. I think I remember
from my running days that that means lactic acid is present (I know it’s
not because of dehydration). Can anyone comment on this? Searches
on the forum didn’t reveal anything. Thanks.

Tyler there are some really good indicators of lactic acid in your muscles. Usually, you will be huffin and puffin your lungs out cuz gasping for oxygen. Your heart rate will be pounding like a great trance rhythm. You will feel a god aweful burn in your muscles. If its in your legs, chances are you will have problems even walking or even standing up. They might even tremble. If you’re in this humbling condition, you gots plenty of lactic acid in your body. Hope that helps ya out

yeah, you’ll know it…it burns.

you must not have done enough sprinting back in your “running days” if you judged lactic acid from your spit:)

I most certainly am huffing-and-puffing and my heart does feel as if it’s ready to leap out of my chest. However, I don’t get that real burning sensation in my muscles (which is the only way I’ve judged the presence of lactic acid in the past).

Because you’re hitting almost all muscle groups with this traing (chin ups, squats, push ups, and deads), it’s not as if one particular group is getting hit super hard (like with quads in sprinting). It’s more that the whole body is getting taxed.

So, no, I am not trying to judge the success or failure of this routine by the thickness of my spit. I was simply asking if that was an indicator of LA. Yes, I’ve done some sprinting (but usually more distance) but I do know what that feeling’s like. Since I don’t feel the same with Meltdown Training, I thought I would ask about other indicators.