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Lactic Acid Formation in One Leg?

Consistently on leg days. the quadriceps on the right leg accumulates a mass amount of lactic acid. both measure symmetrically the same, although i tend to limp out of the gym on one leg. same goes for the following days, severe soreness in the right leg only.

I have attempted to add more load to the left side (one leg extensions) but still no result?

have any of you experienced the same effect on any part of you before?

I’m exactly the same way, mine is a nerve issue though. I can’t really feel the muscles firing as well in the left quad so it get’s worked less.

Good progress dude, none the less

[quote]countingbeans wrote:
Good progress dude, none the less[/quote]

Shit beans, pay attention to his legs, not the other bit!!

[quote]countingbeans wrote:
Good package dude, none the less[/quote]


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glad we are still on subject

Sofa King -

I don’t want to jump to any conculsions, but if you are using AAS and doing injections in your quads there could be some type of underlying issue form that. I know of guys who have torn their quads simply walking down the street due to buildup of a pocket of oil within the muscle or internal bleeding.

If you are natural then that is obviously not the cause and I would say that it could have something to do with perhaps a pinched nerve or even something as simple as an uneven stance when squatting (which is a problem that I have).

Either way hopefully it is not something that is effecting your workouts too much. Maybe try purchasing one of those neoprene sleeves for your quad on that side or start wearing compression shorts for leg training.