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Lactating Randomly on First day of PCT

So I ran Test e weeks 1-9 at 500mg/5 days
I ran var weeks 4-11 at 50mg/day.
I threw in adex at 0.25mg EOD only week 6 when i noticed a little extra water retention.

I started at 157 lbs, 8.7 or so % BF. I’m now at 174 lbs, 7% BF. Great Gains, Great strength. Feel awesome.

Today was my first day of PCT.

This morning I started at 40mg Nolvadex. About 5 hours later I noticed sensitive nipples, also puffy and my right and left one had small hard lumps I could feel when I rubbed them. Not only that, but when I barely even squeezed my nipple, I was lactating from like 4 different spots immediately (its the same on both pecs).

I’m freakin out. From my research its definitely prolactin induced gyno. Now I’m thinking maybe the Test or the Var were different than I expected even though I had good results. It has to be prolactin from everything I’ve read.

WHAT DO I DO? How do I finish out PCT? I ordered some prami because I couldnt afford the dostinex.

But anyways, do I keep going with the 4 weeks of nolva? I have chlomid, and arimidex on hand too. I keep reading that nolva makes prolactin gyno even worse. Basically I have Nolva, Chlomid, Adex, Prami, and left over Var ( was going to save for another cycle). Of course I have support supps.

How should I do PCT now? I’m worried about Chlomid vision problems as I already have vision problems, but I’m pretty Fing worried about the fact that a baby could get full off of sucking my nipples right now too.

I just want to do PCT normal and go ahead and finish. I’ve heard I should stop the nolva, run the chlomid for 4 weeks and run the prami with it all 4 weeks E3D. But I’ve also heard that if it’s prolactin induced that chlomid or nolva wont help and I should just run prami and letro for the whole PCT. I can’t get HCG, so what do you recommend???

Running clomid with either dostinex (cabergoline) or prami is probably your best option. Of course it will be important to have your prolactin levels lower so it does not block/prevent your recovery, so use the prami and some b12 and then either use nolva or clomid. once they prolactin is in check you should be ok to use Nolva. This is why it is good to have things on hand in case you need them. I hope you make it through this ok and it doesn’t persist or get worse…

Running letro and prami as your only PCT is unadvisable. Letro is such a touchy drug, what it does to your hormones and their receptors creates an environment for rebound gyno, hence the need to be careful with it.

I responded to your PM.


Can you post pics?