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Lactate Training


Here's a little beauty I devised this evening which took my heart rate to 170bpm and torched my muscles - all in the name of lactate training.
I've been messing with such circuits for the last 8 weeks as part of my fat loss programme. This is the best one I've entertained to date and wiped me out a full 10mins sooner than I've managed on previous lactate sessions. Credit to Scott Abel and Nick Tumminello for posting some of the exercises on T-Nation (links below):

A1) Alternating jumping split squat - x12 reps
A2) Push-up - x15-18 (tried medicine ball crossover variety but sadly died a death after 1 set)
A3) Compound row - x15
A4) Angled deadlift press - x12
A5) High pull - x12

Exercises done explosively. All done back-to-back circuit style wth 90s RI between circuits. I managed four rounds, and that included dropping A5 on the last two!

A1 and A2:

A3 and A4:


That looks a lot like the way that I train on my dynamic upper body days...really kills it and after doing it for about a month now I have seen serious improvements in my work capacity.


Mad props to you lactate inducing trainees...that just sounds horrible. I had trouble with the Velocity Diet V-Burn bodyweight shit! You use any supplementation during these hellish circuits?


I did a lactic session the other day, went like this.

Note: we have a 200 meter track located right next to our free weight area at our gym.

Hang Clean/Front Squat/Push press combo
BB row
200 meter sprint.


I take a serving of Workout Fuel prior and maybe a strong coffee an hour before. The low carb diet does make it 10x harder!


Excellent mate. That must be a real lung-buster. I used sprints last year while on holiday as part of a circuit on a nearby soccer pitch. No weights, so it was press ups at one end, sprint to the other end and do chin ups on the goals, jog back and repeat. It was brutal and I was almost coughing blood at the end of it!


NICE! I love lactate training. I absolutely despise slow steady state cardio.

I found though that while cutting, lactate work is just too brutal for me. I seem to get better results while cutting by cutting extra calories and just doing heavy resistance training.

But. I love lactate training during my mass phases. I keep the weight relatively heavy, and love the burn.


Alternated back to my first lactate programme last night. However, I changed the regular push up to explosive push up (hands coming up from the floor) and ended with the renegade row (using DBs instead of kettlebells). The latter is a brilliant upper back/core movement and highly recommended. (Link to Nate Green demo below). Heart rate again maxing at 170bpm. All done back-to-back curcuit style with 90s RI; repeated 6 times:

A1)Bulgarian split squat BW x 14 reps (per leg)
A2) Explosive push up 12-17 reps
A3) High Pull 15 reps
A4) DB step up 15 reps (per leg)
A5) DB renegade row 12-14 reps



I used Christian Thibadeau's "Fat Meltdown" lactic acid protocol last summer, with really good results. After going through a few cycles of it you definitely feel like you've earned your protein shake!

One exercise that was a mainstay of my program was the "thruster" (I believe), where you take two light dumbbells, do a full squat and complete a shoulder press as you stand up. That's one rep. Its deceptively tough.

I found that my pull-up strength rapidly deteriorated after a couple cycles, so I substituted a "floor row" (don't know if thats the proper name). You put a bar at about hip height in the power rack, lie with your back on the floor and pull yourself up. This one was great because it makes it easy to quickly transfer to push-ups or an abdominal exercise.


I guess some of the bigger compound movements I've done in the past on an off/weekend day are lactate inducing. I like to take two dumbells (25/30 lbs) and start in a standing position with the weight at my sides. I'll drop into a squat, thrust my feet back, pushup, thrust forward, power clean the dumbells to my shoulders, then push press to finish.

Another is instead of using dumbells, I'll do the same first few movements, but rather than a power clean/push press finish, I'll stand up and complete a pullup, thus finishing the movement. It's much easier to demonstrate than describe, obviously :wink:


Mate, regarding the 'floor row', I strongly recommend a variation where you pop a V row handle over the bar and pull yourself to the sternum. A plate on the chest adds to the load. Having done both I can guarantee you this is an absolute belter of an upper back movement. Elevate the feet and keep your body rigid throughout the movement with the back in its natural curve. Pause at the top and enjoy the natural stretch in the bottom position. This is probably my favourite exercise at the moment.


Sounds like the 'DB burpee snatch with push up' - and it also sounds bloody hard!



pushups feet elevated to failure
inverted row feet elevated to failure
sprint 30s
repeat 3 times no rest

couple minutes rest...

dips to failure
chin ups to failure
sprint 30s
repeat 3 times no rest

couple minutes rest...

tabata sprints (20s sprint, 10s rest) x 8 (4 minutes)

Welcome to my nightmare. Helps that I was a distance runner in a former life.


Another fav:

Leg Crank
pushups to failure
pullups to failure

x 3

Leg cranks are:
24 squats
24 lunges (12 ea leg)
24 jump squats
12 split jumps
goal is to complete crank in 90s. I'm usually between 90-120s