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Lactate Training Without Circuits?


what would be best? should i just do one exercise for each body part with no or minimal rest periods?? im doing the destroying fat loss program with two heavy days and two lactate days.

should i go with one exercise per body part or go heavy all days for the rest of the parts that im missing?


You can do big exercises like front squats, deadlifts, even pushups and bodyweight squats.
Also intervals on a stationary bike and leg presses work very well.

As long as you have muscular tension with high reps and short rest intervals it WILL work. A good metabolic workout is judged by sweat. If you're sweating like a pig you're golden.


im trying to incorporate my biceps,triceps,delts in to my lactate training without the circuits.

i plan on doing supersets of bi/tri on one day and delts/abs on the other.


You can do that too, but note that you must train the major muscle groups or else the others will not be effective, as spot reduction doesn't work.

Read Poliquin's Lactic Acid training - IIRC his program is exactly what you're trying to do.


Can you clarify exactly what you are planning to do and on what days? I'm particularly interested in why you want to include smaller bodyparts in lactate inducing training and why you think that this approach would be better than circuits.


it'll go like this, from CT's destroying fat article.

Day 1: Chest and Back

These workouts should look like this:

A1. Main chest exercise (DB press, incline DB press, wide grip bench press, etc.)

4-6 reps

No rest (or 10 sec. to change exercises, as coach Poliquin would say)

A2. Chest secondary exercise (DB flies, cross-over, etc.)

6-8 reps

Take 2 minutes of rest, then move on to...

B1. Main back exercise (weighted chins or pull-ups, chest-supported row, 1-arm row, etc.)

4-6 reps

No rest

B2. Secondary back exercise (any back exercise described in my Torso solution article)

6-8 reps

Take 2 minutes of rest then get back to A1. Perform each superset 5-6 times.

day 2 is lactate training bicep/tricep.

superset 1- dumbell curls/ lying dumbell tricep extension
then rest 60-90 seconds. 3-4 sets of each x 12-15 reps

rest 2 minutes

superset 2- dumbell military press/ crunches
then rest 60-90 seconds. 3-4 sets of each x 12-15 reps

rest two minutes

superset 3- leg ectension/ leg curls
then rest 60-90 seconds. 3-4 sets of each x 12-15 reps

followed by a 1 mile walk.

day 3 off.

day 4 legs- The same logic (main + secondary exercise superset) applies for the quads and hams(heavy).

day 5 off

day 6 same as day 2

day 7 off

im thinking of throwing in some walking on off days.


Thanks! The reason I asked you to post your workouts in full was to get a better idea of what you had planned for the lactate sessions.
I notice that these sessions are made up of mostly isolation exercises.

In my opinion, you'd be better off going for compound movements whenever possible: they'll make the sessions harder, but you'll also get a bigger return for your efforts.

Majin made an excellent point about concentrating on the major muscle groups - basically, you'll generate more lactate using the most taxing exercises (squat, deadlift, etc) and on the largest bodyparts (legs, back, chest).

You won't get the most out of the program if you focus on the smaller muscles.

Majin has put you on the right track by suggesting Poliquin's Lactic Acid Training. Another option you might want to consider are complexes:



i will be doing squats and deadlifts on leg days.

are you saying i should throw them in on the lactate days also?


You aren't doing legs on two consecutive days, so I can't see a problem with that.

A lactic acid inducing session that focuses on compounds will be far more effective than one that is primarily made up of isolation exercises.

Also, you're not going for hypertrophy. The main concern is maximum production of lactic acid, which in turn will jack up your metabolism.

You will generate more lactic acid with a high rep set of squats than leg extensions. Always look for the most taxing exercises. They should be the foundation of a lactate workout. Otherwise you're just gonna be short-changing yourself.


Yes. Lactate training works best when you can get the most muscle mass possible incorporated. The real metabolic benefits come when your body has to clear the lactate buildup and restore your body's oxygen balance in the hours after workout.

The more lactate you make, the harder your metabolism has to work to restore the balance. A good lactate day circuit would be:

3-5x through, no rest between exercises:
Front squat x 15
Bent BB row x 15
Deadlift x 15
dips x 15
hanging leg raise x 15

The point is to hit your whole body with high(er) reps with little-no rest to facilitate lactate buildup.


well the reason i dont wanna do circuits is because i wont be able to at the gym i go to. i POSSIBLY could here at home, i have a bench and some olympic weights, and another barbell and 2 dumbbells.

my idea was to do two exercises with no rest after after completing one set then going to another. with just two i think i could get away with it.


That's why I suggested looking into complexes instead. They can be done with a barbell or two dumbbells.


If your going to do the destroying fat program then I recommend you follow the lactate days the way CT has them laid out.

The lactate session you designed won't give you the results your looking for.

Take a look thru the destroying fat article's forum posts, I posted sample circuits in there that can be done with a barbell and/or set of dumbells. If your training at a commerical gym forget about trying to use machines in the lactate sessions.


this one right here?

i like how they are set up. im gonna try them. i also like your no carb pwo, but im on a budget which so which should i get? i was thinking just the leucine and glutamine. did you also use it on the heavy days? i have abottle of Surge recovery should i just take 1/2 serving? also how do you do incline shoulder shrugs?


also for my heavy days it will be hard for me to do

a1,a2, rest 2 minutes then b1,b2 rest 2 minutes and repeat.

i was thinking something in the line of
a1,a2,a1,a2, rest 2 minutes and repeat for the needed number of times and repeat.


The perfect answer for you is to use Metabolic Pairings which CT outlined in an article a couple months ago. Just search for Metabolic Pairings. CT actually reccomends this over Lactic Acid Training now.


i will try and give them a try. has anyone used both to see which works best?


Yes, that is one of the circuits I posted.

Incline Dumbbell Shrugs can be found in this article.

I used the same post workout strategy for heavy days and lactate days. You could use a 1/2 scoop Surge and 1 scoop whey isolate and subtract 25 grams of glutamine.

I haven't tried the metabolic pairings.


Try running 400mts from 5 to 8 times max.